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From Jon Scott Stevens <>
Subject Re: Commons Validator Packaging/Content
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 17:50:13 GMT
on 1/7/02 9:22 AM, "Tom Klaasen (TeleRelay)" <>

> Glad to hear you're always right and the others are always wrong.

'Always' is a pretty encompassing statement.

Yes, I do feel that in this case, I am right. There is nothing wrong with
feeling that way.

> It
> must make live very easy (or tiresome, as in this discussion). Please,
> play the ball and not the person. The "you're too dumb to understand
> this" argument does not impress me.

Well, show me that you do understand.

> The consequence is the same, and the consequence is that commons has
> _no_ validator framework now. Is this in the general interest of the
> jakarta project? If yes, I will refrain from commenting further.

At this point, I do feel that going back and re-evaluating the larger issues
of the Jakarta project (which I have brought up) is indeed within the best
interest of the Jakarta project before we go forward with the Commons
Validator Framework or any other new project for that matter. Given a
limited set of resources to clean up the current messes, going forward and
creating more messes is not a good thing in my eyes.


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