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From Eric Dobbs <>
Subject Dependencies Checking Tool
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 02:28:09 GMT
Hi All.

I spent Friday tracking down and building various
dependencies and their dependencies just so I could kick the
tires on Workflow.  A developer's time is precious and
better spent on more interesting problems than tracking down
the dependencies of an unfamiliar project.

This is a well-known problem that Gump is addressing in its
own way and that JJAR will hopefully solve Real Soon Now.
In the meantime the problem still saps precious development

I spent Saturday creating a tool to make the task of
checking for dependent jars too easy for any project to
ignore.  Please have a look and let me know if I've
succeeded.  8^)

I think you'll find that the output is more legible than
stack traces.  If I've made it easy enough to use, and if
you actually use it, then I won't have to spend another day
when I get around to kicking the tires on your project.  8^)

I'd be happy to put this in the sandbox if that would make it
more convenient, but it doesn't fit the profile of a typical
commons project.  It's just using Texen to generate an ant


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