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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: (betwixt) work for a volunteer [was Re: digester data to XML]
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 20:31:19 GMT

On Thursday, January 31, 2002, at 07:56 PM, James Strachan wrote:

> Hi Robert
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "robert burrell donkin" <>
>> i still want to find a fix for that problem of circular references. i'd
>> really like to see what you think about the solution i've started on.
> (don'
>> t worry i haven't really done much work on it so it'll be no problem to
>> back it out again.)
>> i think that fundamentally any solution comes around to being able to 
>> find
>> out which beans have been evaluated earlier (in the recursion) and not
>> evaluating any bean which has been evaluated earlier in the recursion. it
>> seems to me that the context is a good place to add new functionality
>> since it can be shared between different output implementations (i'm 
>> still
>> keen on that bean navigator you were talking about). so, the idea is that
>> to store an (optional) parent context in context. when you're evaluating
>> the next level in a recursion, rather than starting with a new context,
>> you start with a child context of the current level - and you check that
>> the bean you're about to recursively evaluate isn't already an ancester 
>> of
>> the current context.
> Sounds the right approach to me. Maybe just a Set of all beans traversed
> would do, then as the bean tree is walked duplicates can be ignored.
>> what do you think and should i hold off while you're looking at 
>> generating
>> digester rulesets?
> Go for it - after the work I've done today (which didn't change things 
> that
> much) we shouldn't tread on each others toes.
> Just as I was doing a commit I noticed my copy of the code was out of 
> date,
> so we've maybe merged codebases already ;-)

our emails keep crossing in the middle - but all's well that ends well! as 
luck would have it, i think that our codebases have merged without too 
many problems :)

i'll hold off working on that cyclic bug for a while (maybe i'll have a 
think about (c) on your list since we've got a willing victim whose 
promised to do (b)) until i know that you're not making changes to the 

- robert

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