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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [PLAN] Updating sub-project web pages
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2002 21:03:36 GMT

On Sunday, January 27, 2002, at 08:30 PM, Peter Donald wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Jan 2002 06:08, robert burrell donkin wrote:
>>> For security and performance reasons, builds of web pages are not to be
>>> done on daedalus (the machine that hosts Apache's web presence).  Also
>>> for security reasons, new accounts are not automatically being created 
>>> on
>>> daedalus.  In fact, Brian has indicated that he ultimately wants to
>>> reduce the number of accounts on daedalus.
>> i think that the only reason i use the account on daedalus (i'm right in
>> thinking that the cvs login uses another machine, aren't i?) is to update
>> sub-project web sites. doing these updates makes me nervous and i'd 
>> gladly
>> give up my account if there was another way of doing them.
> You will still need it to upload releases - until Sam gets around to 
> removing
> that need ;)

i'm very happy leaving releases to my elders-and-betters (as they say) :)

>>> Here's how I would like to incrementally address the issue:
>>> 1) I'll create a cron job to do a cvs update of the jakarta site several
>>>    times a day.  I will expand it to include other subprojects on
>>> request. While I may adjust the frequency with which this job runs, I
>>> expect to run at least once a day
>>>    Ramifications of this: first the existence of this job does not
>>> preclude
>>>    manual updates out of cycle by those with access to do so.  What it
>>> does
>>>    mean, however, is that if someone goes and directly updates the web
>>> site
>>>    (which despite all the warnings, does happen from time to time), this
>>>    will inevitably result in a merge conflict and need to be manually
>>>    resolved.
>> +1
>> i'd be happy for anyone who can't play by the rules to lose access rights
>> to daedalus.
> errr... don't think that has anything to do with it.

it quite possibly hasn't - but let me expand...

let's say somebody edits a web site file which is in cvs and introduces a 
(potential) conflict. later the cron script runs and cvs tries to merge 
but finds and marks the conflict. oops - now we've got live pages which 
are no longer valid html.

is this a good reason to reject automatic updates? i'd say - no. if 
somebody can't be trusted to avoid this problem then they probably can't 
be trusted to access daedalus.

- robert

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