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From Juozas Baliuka <>
Subject Re: FW: [Ann] AltRMI work in Avalon Demos & Jesktop
Date Sat, 19 Jan 2002 16:31:44 GMT
I don't want to have this discussion AspectJ list.
Lets talk here.
 > AltRMI publishes plain interfaces.
 >Put it another way, think of the SimpleStore you are working on with
 >Gerhard and others.  Imagine that there could be a 'Remote Store'
 >(SimpleStore does separate interface/impl yes?).  If Remote Simple store
 >were one implementation then the team has to make a choice.  That choice
 >is whther to have RemoteException on all methods in the interface. Or to
 >not do, and have an 'adapters' to re-represent all the methods as

  Yes I prefer 'adapters' I dont know how to hanle "By Value" and
  by reference stuff if I have no tag.
  You told, transparency is the advantage of .NET . All of transparent 
objects in .NET are COM objects, and all of them implenet IUnknown
  interface, COM does not have "By Value" or you must use 
"Custom  Mashaling" it is not trivial for trivial objects, yes it copies BSTR,
safe arrays and predefined primityve types "OLE Automation", thre are
no "By Value" for COM object, you can implement it youself, but it does not 
like "Serelizable" it is "IPersistSream". It is binary standard and it 
language neutral, I don't say .NET,COM or DCOM is bad,
but it is no very transparent as you thing,
I agree C# is good and transparent, but not all this .NET framework.
I dont say "bad" or "good" for Microsoft, I like it, nothing personal.
Please tell me if it possible to handle all this "By Value" stuff 
transparently in ARMI, it very hard to understand for me.
 >methods for remote use.  The choice of being remote compatible or not is
 >a choice that affects basic design.  AltRMI allows your team to think &
 >code local-only and still remote publish the store.  It is much easier
 >for its users.
 >Phew, I hope I have explained it well.
 >- Paul H

At 11:04 AM 1/14/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>Thought this would be interesting to commons-dev, to show how AltRMI is
>transparent :)
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Paul Hammant []
>Sent: Sunday, January 13, 2002 3:07 AM
>To: Avalon Development
>Subject: [Ann] AltRMI work in Avalon Demos & Jesktop
>To complete a flurry of 'remote management' activity this week by many
>of us, I'd like to announce that :
>1) The 'HelloWorld' demo has been upgraded to have an AltRMI interface.
>To recap, the demo as is allows you to point a web browser to a port and
>see the following in the browser's window:
>     HelloWorld!
>     Requests so far = 1
>By invoking 'build cornerstone check-altrmi' you'll launch the tester
>that, via AltRMI, changes the message in the block to:
>     Howdie Partner!
>     Requests so far = 2
>2) I've done some more work with Jesktop.  Actually the apps (that are
>not Apache license) have moved from Perforce hosting to SourceForge.
>  One of those is Beanshell.  I've added the client side AltRMI jars to
>that app and also added a new command arLookup.bsh (attached).  In the
>Shell you can now do the folllowing ('bsh %' is beanshells prompt)
>before using the browser to see the results:
>     bsh % fred = arLookup("",8666,"helloworld");
>     bsh % fred.setGreeting("How do you do");
>The interesting point about this is that Beanshell contains no classes
>from Cornerstone-demos.  It has no knowledge of it and is merely
>actioning methods calls agains a bean.  It could to a similar lookup on
>any service anywhere.  setGreeting() is just an example of a method that
>can be exposed.
>Granted we see Eung-Ju working on RMI and Peter delivering JMX.  AltRMI
>is for those people that want to deal with legacy interfaces.  For
>example the Servlet API. It is not MBean, nor is it RMI.  Ganted also it
>may be a bit hard and pointless to publish via AltRMI.
>For those that want to repeat the tests.............
>  1)  'build jesktop install' (in cornerstone)
>  2)  'build demo install' (in cornerstone)
>  3) delete all bar jesktop.sar and avalon-altrmidemo.sar from
>  4) run phoenix as usual.
>  5) point browser to http://localhost:7666/
>  6) 'build demo check-altrmi' (in cornerstone)
>  7) refresh browser
>  8) In Jesktop go to SimpleInstaller and install Beanshell from
> (though give me an hour to
>upload a new version).
>  9) launch beanshell and do the bsh% bits above.
>For those that are interested in possibilities.  We could have many
>beanshell 'bsh' scripts :
>   startService(..)
>   listServices()
>   stopService(..)
>   shutdown(..)
>.. all these commands could use management facades.
>- Paul H
> = "usage: arLookup(host, port, name), returns object";
>         By Paul Hammant : Specifically for Jesktop
>Object arLookup(String host, int port, String name) {
>         org.apache.commons.altrmi.client.AltrmiFactory af = new 
> org.apache.commons.altrmi.client.impl.ServerClassAltrmiFactory();
>         af.setHostContext(new 
> org.apache.commons.altrmi.client.impl.socket.SocketObjectStreamHostContext(host, 
> port));
>         return af.lookup(name, true);
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