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From Juozas Baliuka <>
Subject RE: [simplestore] enhancements (was: [simplestore] inital check in)
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 15:43:50 GMT
At 08:51 AM 1/16/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>The example prompts a few points.  You'd be creating some sort of
>secondary session.  How would you go about getting the attribute name
>list?  Would you really want to tie the store to the user and have a
>half baked session?  Why even have a special servlet?  You just get a
>store instance and use it.  If you want to do session like work then you
>are going to need wrappers and some group functionality.  I'm working on
>the same stuff today in JCS.  I'm trying to clean up the distributed
There are a lot of ways to wrap HttpSession, HttpContext in Filer,
and you can implement ditributed, presistent session or both of them,
depends on situation and then it useful. I am not competent at this time.
It is not very trivial to implement transparent clustering, example was not 
about this.

>Oh, if you come up with a good memory store, I'd like to talk about the
>API.  I made the memory manager pluggable in JCS.  The memory manager
>needs to be able to call an overflow method on the cache hub though.  It
>should at least call some sort of overflow() method in itself when it
>needs to clean up the list, so an extended class could implement it.

I think methods like "memory.overflow()" has no meaning in JAVA.
You will never implement the best memory manager in JAVA application or 
Application container, because
JVM + GC will be better :).
Use java.lang.ref.* there is no better way in JAVA at this time.

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