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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] - PropertyUtils - bug 5639
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2002 13:58:27 GMT
On Saturday, January 5, 2002, at 04:21 AM, Arron Bates wrote:


> The only things which gets me about this, is when you have something to 
> go into struts and you're new to the group, you can't commit. The 
> committers are busy doing their own thing (which is fine), and they don't 
> want to add it because they either think someone else will get it, or 
> they don't want to support it. I'd love to be a committer (votes everyone 
> (I'm an excellent coder, really I am :)), but the process is (as stated 
> on jakarta) that you submit patches and contribute to the group via the 
> above process, then at some point, someone will vote on you becoming a 
> committer. The process is fine, and processes have a reason... if that's 
> the process. How can I ever move on to contribute real code if I never 
> get a patch in there simply because it wasn't committed.

it's interesting that the process seems (to me) to work a little 
differently in practice. contributing to the debates on the mailing lists 
and answering user questions promptly over a  period of time is probably 
the best way to get noticed. (i often think that this type of work is just 
as great a contribution as creating code.) if you have development ideas, 
try to discuss them first on the mailing list. this saves time since 
people will already know the design ideas behind the patch when you submit 
it. the most welcomed patches are those that save committer's time and 
energy. so, volunteer to look into bugs found by other users or to create 
patches which scratch the current development itches of committers. of 
course, this is only idle speculation...

- robert

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