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From "Scott Sanders" <>
Subject [VOTE] Update to charter.xml
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 00:39:02 GMT
I want to clarify the charter a little more.  Here are the changes:

Change 1: Guidelines item number 1

-The primary unit of reuse and release is the package.
+The primary unit of reuse and release is the package, also referred to
as a component.

Change 2: Guidelines item number 6

 The packages should fit within a unified package hierarchy.
+This package is <code>org.apache.commons.</code><i>packagename</i>

Change 3: Guidelines subsections of items 7 an 17.  Change from ul to ol
to create numbers on the list items (7.1 and 17.1)

Change 4: Guidelines item 13. Partial rewrite, link addition:

+  <li>The subproject will also provide a single JAR of each stable
package release.
+      See the <a href="releases.html">Releases</a> page for more
+      It may also provide a second JAR with a subset of only JDK 1.1
compatible releases.
+      A gump of nightly builds will also be provided.</li>

Change 5: Guidelines item 14.  Link addition:

+  <li>Volunteers become committers to this subproject in the same way
they are entered to any
+      Jakarta subproject. Being a committer in another Jakarta
subproject is not a prerequisite.
+      See <a
Involved</a> for more info.</li>

Change 6: Guidelines item 15.  Addition of last sentence.

+  <li>Each committer has karma to all the packages, but committers are
required to add their name to a package's status file before their first
commit to that package.  A message to the mailing list is

Scott Sanders

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