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From Arron Bates <>
Subject Mapped properties & Property utils...
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 01:12:10 GMT
  I noticed the mapped property ability in PropertyUtils, and was 
running some tests to eventually get the nested:iterate tag to use 
mapped collections as the original can, but I cannot seem to get it 
humming. The original tag doesn't use the PropertyUtils in this capacity 
at all as it only cares about iterating.

Anyone have this working for them?

I ran through the code, and it seems that when it calls the 
getPropertyDescriptors it returns a normal one (PropertyDescriptor) 
rather than the MappedPropertyDescriptor in every case.

You guys are probably more intimate with this system to put in a fix if 
people want it, but otherwise it's a large block of code sitting there 
doing nothing. I have a patch which will turn the result into a 
java.util.Map and call the get on it, but it doesn't use the 
MappedPropertyDescriptor at all, so doubt that you guys would think it a 
proper solution. But this is what is also done for the Arrays and List 
implementations when it finds them, so it's up you all.


PS: Interesting side note is that mapped properties aren't in the bean spec.

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