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From dion <>
Subject Re: Updating sub-project web pages (again)
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2002 14:00:37 GMT
robert burrell donkin wrote:

> hi dion
> On Sunday, January 27, 2002, at 07:43 AM, dion wrote:
>> I've created a directory in cvs for latka 
>> (jakarta-commons/latka/webpages)
>>  with the output of the xsl transform.
>> If someone with a account would check these out on 
>> that box I'd be very grateful.
> i'd be happy to do so but i've found a few wrinkles so i'd like to 
> sort them out first rather than risk making a mistake. 


>> Or alternatively, if someone would like to give me the appropriate 
>> access,
>>  I'd be happy to do it myself.
> (you probably know these two points already but just in case you 
> don't...)
> 1. i believe (hopefully people will correct me if i'm wrong) that new 
> committers are no longer being given logon's to 
> most people who have been committers for a while still have their's 
> but i believe that the ASF would like to reduce the number of people 
> with logons to (which is one good reason to think 
> about automatically updating the web site.) if you do want to try to 
> get a logon then i think that general is the right place to ask. 

I'm happy with something that's easy for everyone :)

> 2. you might find 
> useful in understanding the web page update system. 

Read it several times...hence the major change in latka's docs.

> from looking at the directories it appears to me that latka's web 
> pages are not (in the standard place) in cvs but instead are copied 
> into position by hand. 

I wouldn't know for sure, since I wasn't around when they were 
originally set up. Hence the replacements generated using the stylesheet 
version of anakia.

> i'm willing to copy your web pages into position but i won't be able 
> test them first. so if this is what you want me to do i'll probably 
> need to check with you exactly what's needed and which of the existing 
> pages you want to keep.
> on the other hand, most other projects use the jakarta-commons/docs 
> folder for their web pages. they are committed into cvs and then the 
> live web site is updated from there. maybe latka would like to begin 
> using this system. if you want to go down that route, then i'd be 
> happy to help with that too. 

This sounds fine for me. I think Latka would benefit from getting docs 
into a standard place, and being part of a regular update. Part of what 
I've done is rework the existing docs and build process into something 
that creates html from anakia's document format (via docbook).

> the choice is yours...
> - robert
Ok, I've created a new latka directory in jakarta-commons/docs and 
updated the build file so that webpages builds will go into that 
directory. I've built our documentation into that directory and tested 
locally, and committed into jakarta-commons/docs/latka

If this is ok by you, i think they're ready to go.

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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