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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [AltRMI] New Direct-Marshalled transport type
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2002 17:01:26 GMT

> It is very interesting, does somebody works on persistence ? 

No yet.  The example beans have no persistence.  The idea is that the 
developer chooses what type of persistence they need.  File, Store, 

> I know this  stuff like JTA, JAAS, JDO ... . 

Thats good.

Commons-Store would be cool for re-use in EOB.

> I work on persistence in the current project, I have plans to complete 
> it next weak.
> Idea is like this : "User defines some interfaces and optional 
> mappings". Container or application
> Manages persistence and  transactions , user defined interfaces can 
> be  reused for "Value Objects","Remote/Local" ...
> I will use simplestore for cache. 


> Do you need this kind of code ?
> But I don't know how  to handle  "By Value".
> void myMethod( MyInterfaceType mt ){
>     mt.setSomething("X");//Don't understand how to handle this (  is X 
> set on copy of Object  ? )
>    } 

X will be a copy of the object if pass by value or over the wire.  I'm 
not quite sure what your asking here.

Consider :

  interface StockPortfolio {
     int getShareCount(String ticker);
     void addToPortfolio(String ticker, shareCount);
     void removeFromPortfolio(String ticker, shareCount);
     String[] getStocksHeld();

  class JDBCStockPortfilioImpl implements StockPortfolio {
    // all those methods implemented like in classic entity bean

  class CommonsStoreStockPortfolioImpl extends 
org.apache.commons.simplestoreSynchronizedStore implements StockPortfolio {
    // or 'has a' in stead of 'extends' as it is final.
    // all those methods implemented and routing through to the store 

>> I have coded it for Alt-EJB (now named "Enterprise Object Broker" and 
>> hosted on sourceforge and 10% coded).
> I like this name :)

In spoken form -> 'Yob'

It is a name that Gerhard and I though up after discussing over a couple 
of days

- Paul

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