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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject AltRMI performance figures
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 20:27:26 GMT
Pasted from Proposal (just updated) -->

3) Speed  

  - Counting the number of 'void testSpeed()' invocations in 10 seconds,
    we can guage the differences (my Athlon900 machine)
    Speed Test type                   Count Relative
    ------------------------------- ------- --------
    AltRMI types over TCP/IP
    - For remote publication
    a) ObjectStream over sockets #2    2702     1.00
    b) Over RMI                        4359    1.61
    c) CustomStream over sockets       6069     2.25
    d) ObjectStream over sockets #1   10088     3.73
    AltRMI types in the same VM
    - These are useful for complete classloader separation
      of interface & impl using different classloaders. Impl
      and 'remote' proxy do not need to see the same
      interfaces etc..
    e) ObjectStream over Pipe #2      12095     4.48
    f) ObjectStream over Pipe #1      61166    22.64
    g) Direct #3                    2391498   885.08
    #1 Without calling reset() as workaround to the ObjectStream bug
    #2 With calling reset() as workaround to the ObjectStream bug
    #3 Marshalled but not streamed.  Still as good as DynamicProxy
    for separation.         
    Non AltRMI types
    - In VM, without using AltRMI - for comparison.
    - The inteface, impl and proxy cannot be separated in terms of
      branches of classloader for these three. The same interfaces
      etc must be visible to both impl and proxy.
    h) DyanmicProxy #4
       (copied from Excalibur)     20282070  7506.32
    i) Hand-coded proxy #4         41214422 15253.30
    j) No Proxy #4                 42384804 15686.46
    #4 - For all of these three, the actual timing may slow down the test.

I'm toying of starting a JNDI service provider for AltRMI.  

I've tried to integrate JSX as a socket/steam transport, but have 
encountered problems with a) a hang for JDK 1.3.1 and b) a 'no such 
method' exception with JDK 1.4b3.  If I can get it working, we will have 
a soution that does not use native serialization - it could be a lot 
faster.  I've contacted the author.


- Paul H

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