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From "Paul C. Bryan" <>
Subject Re: HttpClient: Basic Authentication & acting more like a browser
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 02:28:43 GMT
Hi Matthew:

I've noticed this behavior too. The question, in my opinion, is how to 
decide when to invoke the "preemptive strike" behavior. You don't know 
until a 401 has been returned exactly what realm is required for 
authentication for a particular request.

Storing the URL, as you suggest is overly restrictive, and would 
potentially require caching every separate URL that has required 
authentication for a particular realm.

Most browsers appear to send credentials for every subsequent request to 
the same host and port. This can be a bit risky in my opinion, as the 
user's credentials could be supplied to unrelated services on the same host.

Some of this risk is mitigated in browser implementations by the fact 
that credentials can be sent using digest. Unfortunately, only basic 
authentication is provided in HttpClient so far, causing credentials to 
always be sent virtually in plaintext (actually, base64).

If we decided to implement digest authentication in HttpClient, I'd be 
supportive of taking the approach of storing a collection of hosts and 
ports with the realm and credentials and send the credentials 
unconditionally to the same hosts and ports in subsequent requests.

If the host doesn't support digest, we'd continue to send with basic. At 
least we provided the opportunity to use a more secure authentication 
method with that server, so if the credentials are sent to an 
undesireable service, too bad.

My initial idea of Behavior:

Attempt to find realm by host and port in HttpState (in new host/port 
map). Not found. Make request without credentials. Receive 401 response 
with realm. Lookup credentials by realm returned with 401. Found. Store 
realm for host and port in host/port map. Future attempts to find realm 
by host and port will result in the stored realm.

That's my thinking thus far. Thoughts? Anyone?

Yours truly,

Paul C. Bryan <>

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