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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [Vote] ARMI to move
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 09:17:04 GMT

>>>Geir :
>>>Don't you need more active committers?
>>Some could argue that.  Is that a -1 for you then? :-)
>If you'd prefer, sure.

I don't of course, just trying tio elicit a vote :-)

>The point is that we in the midst of a large, active discussion in part
>about how the community is being shaped by adding more and more projects to
>jakarta, and how some strongly feel that it's a shame that we can't get
>people to adhere to 'community conventions'.  (Which I personally feel can
>be too loosely defined... But anyway...)
>In this case, it's not even a guideline of commons, but one of the rules.  I
>don't think we should be so flip about it.
>The point of the sandbox is to build/introduce something and see if it as a
>project can get momentum, build a community, get a clear picture if there is
>enough interest behind something to bring to Commons with the expectation of
>success towards a release, not just a 'dressing room...'

I've been watching the discussions,  It's all good debate.  I'm guilty 
of developing something from start to completion (more or less) in about 
two weeks *without* a community.  Now I was going to do it in 
Avalon-Excalibur but then we recieved an invitation to move some widely 
re-usable stuff into Commons.  I'm faced with two rude options:

1) Bring over some Avalon committers and make a community for ARMI. 
 i.e. gerrymandering.
2) Take it back to excalibur mad just shove it in (where it becomes a 
tool amngst many that already have a community).

As soon as it is bedded in somewhere permanent, I'll be firing more 
components into Avalon-Cornerstone that uses it for general reuse.  I'll 
then change Avalon-Cornserstone/apps/ftpserver and apps/AvalonDB to 
directly use those 'blocks' If it works well with these two, I'll make 
representations to the JAMES team to do the same.  I'm make some bsh 
scripts so that BeanShell can use it, then rest my weary fingers for a 
while.   It, after a pause of some months, it proves to be working well 
Peter Donald (as I pester him) might consider it for an alternative 
Kernel for Avalon-Pheonix (alternate as in an extension of the current).



- Paul H

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