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From John McNally <>
Subject torque and my work on its connection pool.
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 20:56:56 GMT
I guess there has been some discussion on whether commons should come up
with an alternative to torque or whether torque should be moved to
commons.  I am unclear on why torque is unsatisfactory due to its
current location.  I will have read up on that discussion, if anyone has
useful pointers to the discussion in the archive that would be great,
otherwise I will find them.  But I will take a moment to describe my
work on updating torque as this work seems to have come up in an
validation framework thread.

Torque currently relies on an internal connection pool.  I would like
that this reliance dependence be broken, so i looked at the jdbc2 api
regarding connection pooling and decided to adopt it for use in torque
as that should maximize the number of pools available.  So for torque
the part of the jdbc2 api that is relevant is

1.  The connection is retrieved through DataSource.getConnection
2.  The connection is returned (or disposed of) through

It is possible the commons dbcp package meets these requirements and so
it could be used with torque.  I looked at dbcp and it did not seem to
be jdbc2 compliant.  In looking at the pool it had many classes, so the
design was difficult for me to get a handle on.  I opted instead to make
torque's connection pool jdbc2 compliant.  As torque's cp was two
classes this seemed like a much easier task.

Actually it turned out to not be that simple (but it is still two
classes), so in hindsight maybe I should have taken the additional time
to figure out the commons dbcp and then try to become a member of the
commons and push through an upgrade of the dbcp to the latest jdbc api. 
Are the maintainers of the commons dbcp interested in updating their
pool to be jdbc2 (or 3) compliant?  I think they would be well served by
looking at the work I have done on torque's dbcp.  I will post a link to
the files if they are interested.  I created an adapter for use with
jdbc drivers that do not implement the latest api that would likely be
useful if and when the commons dbcp was updated.

john mcnally

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