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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: Commons Validator Packaging/Content
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 01:27:03 GMT
Jon Scott Stevens wrote:
> This issue stems all the way back to the Tomcat3 vs. Tomcat4 discussions.
> Why is it a good thing to have half of the people working on T3 and half on
> T4? Why not combine the *limited* resources towards working on one common
> codebase?

Because these so-called limited resources are not Jakarta's to allocate.

The volunteers freely donate their own time to the project, and are
entitled to choose how to spend that time. 

Yes, we are here to scratch itches. What doesn't itch me, might itch
someone else, and so eventually everything gets scratched. 

Someone is not going to meekly work on this or work on that because
someone here tells them to. Most people already have bosses that do
that, and then hand them a paycheck afterwards. 

Here, the Committers make their own choices, based on the work *they*
want to do, not the work someone else thinks should be done. 

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-- Building Java web applications with Struts.
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