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From Arron Bates <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] - PropertyUtils - bug 5639
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2002 04:21:53 GMT

>Is it just that no one is watching out for PropertyUtils, or the people
>who usually watch on it are busy?
All it takes is one committer for the commons project and 15 seconds of 
their time.

>>Since this is the third or fourth person in recent memory to submit a
>>patch for List support, will this ability ever be added?
I think that they're all my attempts to get the patch committed. I sent 
a mail with the patch. Then remembered the group's bugzilla, so I put it 
in there. The process is then to write an email with the patch to the 
bug with the subject written a certain way. So I did that. Still no 
action. So I reckon I'll just keep mailing it until it's there.

Reason is... it's a worthy patch which makes life much easier for those 
people who want to nest beans. A part of the whole reason for the 
BeanUtils package.
Map implementations are supported in a different process, why not List?...

The only things which gets me about this, is when you have something to 
go into struts and you're new to the group, you can't commit. The 
committers are busy doing their own thing (which is fine), and they 
don't want to add it because they either think someone else will get it, 
or they don't want to support it. I'd love to be a committer (votes 
everyone (I'm an excellent coder, really I am :)), but the process is 
(as stated on jakarta) that you submit patches and contribute to the 
group via the above process, then at some point, someone will vote on 
you becoming a committer. The process is fine, and processes have a 
reason... if that's the process. How can I ever move on to contribute 
real code if I never get a patch in there simply because it wasn't 
committed. And in terms of support... it's for the group to support 
(including non committers), not any individual committer. It would take 
a committer 15 seconds to make this patch.

This patch is the smallest of patches. It's also tested. If this can't 
get through, what's the chance on me fixing a larger bug which involves 
a bunch of refactoring, or supporting any classes I write and are 
added?... The group site is all about joining in, and submitting code... 
help us make it better. From where I sit, it's just not the case.


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