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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: [ARMI] authentification
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 21:31:54 GMT

>Hi Paul, all,
>just subscribed. Jakarta is going to be a
>obsession for me.
>(Maybe some people know me from other lists:
>#1 I'm the only lurker with commit rights
>in the Avalon Project ;)
You're wrong there, most are here as Lurkers and Jeff will be a 
committer before long :-)

>#2 Committer in the Cocoon Project)
>Any inital vision for that authentification 
>ToDo in your PROPOSAL?

I thought about a extension to the lookup() methods:

   Object lookup(ArmiHostContext hostContext, String 
publishedServiceName, AuthenticationDetails authenticationDetails)

Where AuthenticationDetails could be a number of things:


Of course several levels of security are envisaged,
  * no security (as at present).
  * no auth over TLS
  * Full auth over TLS.
  * Auth over unsecure


- Paul H

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