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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: More abuse of coding styles...
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 15:15:07 GMT
A nice alternative to Sun's (a superset really) is the Elements of Java
Style. Highly recommended. wrote:
> > Sigh. That isn't the argument. The argument is about following what
> > conventions we do have. It could be about coding, voting policies,
> > whatever...if people ignore the rules, then we shouldn't bother having rules
> > at all.
> I'm going through exactly this situation in my new employment. One great
> reasoning for ignoring the coding convention:
> "Sun don't obey their coding convention internally. "
> It seems to me to be a similar reason for why open source Java should use
> the Apache licence. It's the biggest fish we have to be a littler fish in
> other seas. My view on the OS Java world has been that the Apache
> licenced software is in the majority, would be nice to do the maths
> and see if that's true.
> Arguing and fragmenting the 'standard' will cause the effectiveness of
> the community to fail, which is a shame as Sun's conventions, when obeyed,
> do create relatively homogenous code.
> Bay
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