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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons/latka/doc status.xml
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 02:13:42 GMT
dion        02/01/22 18:13:42

  Added:       latka/doc status.xml
  Initial conversion from HTML to DocBook
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-commons/latka/doc/status.xml
  Index: status.xml
  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
      Author:     Morgan Delagrange
      Author:     Doug Sale
      Author:     Rodney Waldhoff
      Version:    $Id: status.xml,v 1.1 2002/01/23 02:13:41 dion Exp $
  <chapter id="status">
      <title>Status File for Jakarta Commons "Latka" Application</title>
          <para>Testing websites is a pain.  Many regression tests for a website can

          be verified automatically, speeding up the quality assurance process 
          and allowing the engineers to focus on the more important issues.  
          Additionally developers may want to monitor their development, QA 
          and production environment, so that they can be sure that everything
          is running as they expect.</para>
          <para>Latka is an HTTP functional testing suite for automated QA, acceptance
          regression testing.  Latka suites are XML documents, which
          can be written and/or modified without writing Java code.  Latka tests can be 
          created quickly and modified easily, even by engineers without Java experience.</para>
          <title>2.  DEPENDENCIES</title>
          <para><emphasis>Latka</emphasis> relies on:</para>
              <listitem><para>Java Development Kit (Version 1.3 or later)</para><listitem><para>stitem>
              <listitem><para>A JAXP 1.1 implementation</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>A SAX 2.0 parser conforming to the JAXP 1.1 APIs</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>An XSLT parser conforming to JAXP 1.1</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>HttpClient from Commons - for HTTP communcation</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>Jakarta Log4J logging package</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>JUnit - for testing</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>JSSE - SSL support (optional at runtime)</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>Jakarta-Regexp - regular expression tests and XML
preprocessing (for variable support)</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>JDOM - for building XML reports</para></listitem>
          <title>3.  RELEASE INFO</title>
          <para>Current Release:  1.0 alpha 2, see link here</para>
          <para>Planned Next Release: 1.0, timeframe: </para>
          <title>4.  COMMITTERS</title>
          <para>The following individuals are the primary developers and
  maintainers of this component.  Developers who plan to use
  <emphasis>Latka</emphasis> in their own projects are encouraged to collaborate
  on the future development of this component to ensure that it continues to meet
  a variety of needs.</para>
              <listitem><para>Morgan Delagrange</para></listitem>>
              <listitem><para>Doug Sale</para></listitem>>
              <listitem><para>Rodney Waldhoff</para></listitem>>
              <listitem><para>Jeff Turner (part-time)</para></listitem>>
          <title>5.  DEVELOPMENT STATUS</title>
          <para>Latka development status:</para>
              <listitem><para>Latka 1.0 Alpha 1 released</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>Latka library and command line interface:</para>
                  <para> Fully functional, but with potential interface changes
              <listitem><para>Latka tag library (in Jakarta Taglibs):</para>
                  <para> Experimental, unstable.</para></listitem>
              <listitem><para>Latka web application (in Commons Sandbox):</para>
                  <para> Experimental, promising but unstable.</para></listitem>
              <title>Todo items:</title>
                  <listitem><para>Fix the documentation system :) It's currently
  horrible; a single HTML file, created by some GUI editor. I would very much
  recommend the XML DTD + stylesheet in the Anteater project (see <ulink
  url=""></ulink>), whose 
  styled output may be (temporarily) viewed <ulink 
                  <listitem><para>Add a universal mechanism for negating
  validators. Currently regexp and xpath validators implement negation internally
  as a special <literal>cond</literal> attribute. This adds somewhat to the
  internal complexity. It would be better to have the framework handle negation by
  being able to wrap tests in a &lt;not/&gt; element.</para></listitem>
                  <listitem><para>Make the inclusion of individual validators
  optional at build time.</para></listitem>
                  <listitem><para>Write unit tests for each validator, with a
  object implementing the Response interface</para></listitem>

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