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From "Michael Gerdau" <>
Subject Re: Commons Validator Packaging/Content
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 07:53:56 GMT
>Another problem here is that it's not entirely clear what most of the 
>stuff under the Jakarta banner does.  Try this simple experiment: walk 
>up to a developer that's not familiar with Jakarta and ask him/her what 
>they think each of the following pieces of software does: Turbine, 
>Fulcrum, Torque, Etc. (I'm picking on the projects that I work on, but 
>clearly almost every project in Jakarta falls under this heading.)  If, 
>on the other hand, projects were named with respect to their function, 
>then much of this problem would be alleviated.
>It's too late for functional naming now, of course, but perhaps each 
>project that gets accepted from now on needs have to have an explicit 
>declaration of what it does attached to its name.  (e.g. "POI - The 
>Jakarta Office File Format Reader/Writer")

Possibly I'm one of those developers who is not (too) familiar with

My main concern with the huge amount of stuff is that for most I have
not the slightest idea what they do.

Some provide rough sketches of web pages describing in 2 or 3 sentences
what they do. Frankly: most of these are simply incomprehensible for me.

What I'm missing most are one or two simple use cases best written in
a language that someone not yet familiar with the problems involved is
able to understand. Possibly this could be beafed up by references to
other such implementations (e.g. ORO states they implement Perl regexp
which does give all Perl users a very short but decisive headstart in
understanding what it is for).

Like possibly everyone else I don't have the time to perform in depth
analysis of all the available stuff to understand what it is for. This
is why I myself am guilty of going the easy road: roll my own.

And I fully understand Jon's frustration about it.

But then coming to Jakarta via Struts I'm aware of David's package for
quite some time (though I haven't used it yet...).

Torque is at the top of my to-be-investigated list for at least two
month now. I have not yet had the time :-(

>From looking at the samples and documentation I'm sure I will love it.
And I have a project which probably would greatly benefit from it too...

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