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Subject unable to find line starting with "HTTP/"
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2002 06:05:40 GMT

This is in response (continuation of, really) to thread/message at:

I have changed the way I use HTTPClient.  I no longer use HttpClient class, but rather a combination
of HttpConnection, HttpMethod, and HttpState as was suggested in one of the messages sent
to this list.

I still see HttpExceptions complaining about the missing Status line (response) starting with

This is the how I am using HTTPClient now:


HttpConnection conn  = new HttpConnection(host, port);
HttpState state = new HttpState();;
_httpMethod.execute(state, conn);

This snippet of code is wrapped in a try/catch block and it throws HttpException that I mentioned
above for 48 out of 1159 URLs that I'm fetching.

I have tried this multiple times and I always end up with the same number of those exceptions
(48), so it's not a fluke.

I don't understand how come the test that Rodney Waldhoff sent (
) works, yet I get this exception so often.

Any additional ideas?  Now that logging works, can I use it to look for a clue?  What should
I look for?


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