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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject [betwixt] various changes...
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 19:14:49 GMT
I've made a few changes to the betwixt package in the sandbox

* used a neater Ant build file (from digester) which among other things
makes better generation of cross-referenced javadoc as well as being much
tidier. I've also added all the various sample programs and common test
cases as targets

* improved the documentation somewhat, including new dependencies and more
descriptions in PROPOSAL.html and STATUS.html. Also added Robert as a
committer and started work in an OVERVIEW.html.

* added a sample program that uses the RSS sample from digester to
autogenerate the XML representation of the RSS beans. As we explore
customization of the generated XML format, we should be able to reorder &
rename elements and so forth to produce a valid RSS file from the beans.
i.e. the RSS demo in digester is a good test case for betwixt. Adding
support for DTD declarations sounds like a good idea also.

* an early version of BeanReader which extends Digester and uses the
XMLIntrospector to configure digester rules. This is extremely alpha and an
experiment to see if the current guise of betwixt is capable of being
bidrectional. Betwixt started life as being bean -> XML so it could well
need some refactoring to really do both ways around. Right now the XML ->
bean via digester is pretty crude - handling type conversions and
collections/arrays/indexed properties needs serious attention


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