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From "Morgan Delagrange" <>
Subject [Latka] new Website docs and public DTDs
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 21:13:39 GMT
Hey dIon et al.

The new docs and public DTDs look great!  Just a few comments...

Public DTDs are a good idea, but we may want to go ahead and account for
revolutions.  We can guarantee that Latka 1.0 test suites will work in Latka
1.1 and Latka 1.8.4, but we won't guarantee that they will work for Latka
2.0.  If we don't plan accordingly, 1.x users will have to update all of
their tests' URLs if the 2.0 DTD is not backward compatible.  Rather than
using for our sytem
identifier, how about something like ?  If we do
something like this now, we can treat all our major releases consistently.

Also, keep in mind that you have to spin off your own DTD when you want to
validate your own custom tests.  I don't think I've covered this in the docs
yet, but I will.  (I actually have some ideas for making custom DTDs easier
by rearranging the way we combine the DTD fragments.)

The new Latka site docs are a big improvement.  My only comment, and I find
this to be true for many Jakarta projects, is that the User's Guide, XML
Reference and API Documentation are IMO a bit buried.  It's easy to overlook
the left-hand column, because it all looks like generic site navigation.  At
some point, we may want to make those sections available as links in the
right-hand side.

Also, looks like the API docs didn't make it over yet.  No biggie.  Can't
wait for Sam to develop his magic site build; I hate maintaining generated
docs in CVS.

- Morgan

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