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From Damian Ryan Eads <>
Subject RE:[cli] new command line interface library...
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 06:20:09 GMT
Dear Hristo,

I am pleased to hear that you are interested in my option parsing library.
The past two months have been considerably busy, and as a result, I have
not had the time to "polish" off ritopt as intended.

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001 wrote:

> Folks-,
> I try to evaluate "command line parser API" because I am tired of "doing it
> all over again".
> I think RITOPT( is much better and mature
> (
> I have the following questions to Damian Ryan Eads, though:
> 1) Would you agree to release it under Apache license or something less
> restrictive than GPL.
> How about moving it into JAKARTA-COMMONS (though SourceForge is fine
> too...)?

This issue with ritopt's license has been brought up by several people.
Originally, I was not keen on the idea of changing the license because
there didn't seem to be any advantages to the free software community.
The GPL encourages that in return for using your software, developers
give something back. Until recently, I refused to change the license
in support of this principle. However, my stubborness has started to wear
off a little. Changing the license to the LGPL is currently under consideration.

> 2)Would you re-structure the build systems, so it uses ANT
> (
> instead of UNIX makefiles. I can help with that!

I must admit that I am not pleased with automake/autoconf's support for
Java. So I am open to any ideas on how to improve the build process.

> I also have some minor bug reports and I am willing to help with
> fixing/developing RITOPT,
> but let's see what you think first ...

Yeah, I appreciate any contributions. I am a little strapped for time this
winter season but will make an effort to fix bugs promptly.

Btw, who are you and what is your role with the Apache project? What are
your objectives by working on ritopt? And under who's auspices would this
work be performed?




Damian Ryan Eads       or
20-1D Fairwood Drive                                 (585) 880-2493
Rochester, NY 14623        

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