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From "Rodney Waldhoff" <>
Subject [HttpClient] log4j auto-detection fixed
Date Sat, 15 Dec 2001 01:01:56 GMT
As a couple of people noted on this list, the HttpClient logging stuff 
wasn't quite working the way it was described in the documentation.

Recall that you can set the logging implementation used by HttpClient by 
setting the httpclient.log property.  When not this property is not set, the 
documented behavior is to look for log4j's Category class in the classpath, 
if found, use the Log4JCategoryLogger, else use the NoOpLogger.  
Unfortunately, since the System.getProperty() call was passing in NoOpLogger 
as a default, it wasn't possible to not set the httpclient.log property.

This has been fixed.  The current CVS version should now work as documented. 
  In older builds, you need to explictly set:


to use the log4j support. As always, setting


still works, giving simple standard-out logging.

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