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From "chris.dagnon" <>
Subject New submission?
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 16:49:00 GMT
Greetings everyone, I'm writing because a coworker pointed out this group when I mentioned
I'd developed a new Java collection.  I tried finding an e-mail of someone to contact on the
Jakarta pages, but none was to be found and I got no response when I e-mailed
(which on the website seemed to be billed as the developers list), but after subscribing to
dev I finally got this e-mail address - hopefully the right one!

I've read a few of the archived e-mails, read some of the new ones, and gone through the web
pages and haven't seen references to collections like the one I've worked out - so...

My MultiSorterDumper (name open for discussion) collection requires an object to implement
the MultiSortable interface.  That interface consists of one method to get the number of sortable
fields and one method that returns an array of objects - which determine how it's to be sorted
on each index.  The MSD currently uses TreeMaps for each index as well as a Vector to keep
track of the order each was added.  An MSD can return Iterators on any index and could, but
doesn't yet, return submaps for index-specific queries.  It will be able to execute multi-index
queries which shouldn't be a problem considering the functionality of TreeMaps.

I'm glad to see that this Jakarta package has some multithreaded-safe collections, and I plan
on upgrading to them soon.  Other ideas on making it thread-safe are appreciated.

I'm finding, though, that Java's limited ability to deal with programming meta-data and inability
to define a class-level variable in an interface to be detrimental factors.  It works as well
as it needs to for my development effort and will continue to evolve as needed, but it doesn't
work nearly as implicitly/integrated(ly?) as I would have liked.  I'd like to contribute it
both if it's a useful addition to this group and to get more ideas about further development
and optimization for it.

1. Is this something of interest to this group?
2. If so, how should I continue and/or contribute it?
3. Are there ideas on how to improve this multi-indexed collection? (it's not strictly a collection
yet - I haven't implemented all methods)
4. If I do contribute it (the implementation - my idea already has be contributed, hasn't
it? ;), what does that mean exactly - for the code, for me, for the Commons subproject, etc.?
5. If it has to be made more generalized to be a proper Collection, currently the MultiSorterDumper
works only as a Vector - suggestions for improvement would be appreciated.



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