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From "Christopher Weiss" <>
Subject Re: New tool - armi - 'alternate to RMI'
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
>>I think it is better to use RMIC, generate wrappers for remote methods
>>and handle all Remote Exceptions in single method
>>like "void handle(RemoteExeption re)" or dispatch to error handlers.
>>It will be more portable.
>>Implement alternative RPC is not good idea.
>Is this the general concenus?
>I am familar with your solution for handling RemoteException (it is a
>well estabilshed pattern).  Perhaps I am the only coder that thinks
>RemoteException makes RMI a PITA.
>- Paul H

You're not the only coder who thinks that way.

When I first started working with RMI, RE's really disappointed me, because 
my goal was to develop code that could work equally well whether it was 
going to run remotely or locally, allowing me to dynamically switch from 
distributed to single-machine behaviour.  The way RMI is set up, however, I 
either have to write 2 versions, or accept crufted code if I am running on a 
single machine.

I really like the armi proposal, but have one major problem with it, which 
is that EJB is developed around RMI and RE's, and I don't see anything in 
the spec that would make switching over possible, although I am open to the 
idea that I am missing something here.

Just my 1/4 byte

Omni ignotum pro magnifico - Everything unknown passes for something 

Christopher Weiss, Master of the Bit Bucket

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