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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: [util] FileUtils
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 16:22:47 GMT
On 12/5/01 4:30 AM, "Christoph Reck" <> wrote:

> Jason van Zyl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Would anyone mind if I take most of the methods in the 'rupert' FileUtils
>> class and combine it with the FileUtils class that is in the 'util'
>> package?
>> The only method I don't want to move is one that requires some Oro code.
> +1, some way should be designed to provide a directory filter, maybe
> it should then take a plain FilenameFilter (which would require implementing
> it externally).

I would actually like to take the directory scanning functions from Ant.
> Jason, I'd be glad to see other classes from 'rupert' been taken over to
> 'util'. Any interest in optimizing away some more classes out of 'rupert'?:

Sure, but right now I personally only need the file util stuff so that's all
I looked at but I'll take a closer look.
> * DynamicURI and ParameterParser should be retaken from Turbine and moved
> into Commons if not already done so (note that I stripped the Turbine
> propietary date handling out of ParameterParser - this should be done
> with a assiciated DateUtil).

Possibly, but again that's not an itch I have right now.
> * some of the methods of ContextTool should be moved into a StringUtil,
> others into the FileUtil, e.g. encodeToName(). The URL and XML encode
> and decode methos could go into even something else, but should be part of
> commons (you will find them re-implented all over in Jakarta and Apache
> land).
> * christoph.MathTool has less functionality that nathan.MathTool and could
> flow into that one.
> * christoph.IsoDateTool has a feature that allows abbreviated date/time
> strings (which do not match the full DateFormatter string) as
> defined in ISO8601. Otherwise nathan.DateTool has some more sweets.
> * ScriptTool is my favorite and should be part of common utils.
> * XmlTool has been obsoleted partially by Anakia, still we need some easy
> way to load DOM trees (or Anakia-root) from a filename or URL.
> * UserTool is maybe to application specific, but provides a
> user-group-role-permission access as defined in an XML file. Does
> some other project have a similar capability? Does such a functionality
> make sense in commons?

Ok, I'll a closer look at your suggestions when I'm not in such a time
crunch :-)
> Thanks, 
> :) Christoph
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Jason van Zyl

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