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From David Dixon-Peugh <>
Subject Suggestions for Graph package in Sandbox
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2001 01:07:48 GMT

Good Evening,

I've been working with the Graph package in the Commons Sandbox,
and I have a couple of suggestions.

#1 - Separate DirectedGraph and UndirectedGraph classes which
inherit from the Graph class.

This would basically allow us to write algorithms which require
a specific type of Graph.  (What does a Topo sort do if you have
an undirected graph?)

#2 - Advice on how to implement algorithms within the package.

I'm writing some algorithms which would be great additions to the
package (Minimum Spanning Forest, Topological Sort, Back Edge
Finder, etc.)

Following the Visitor pattern works for some algorithms (like the
Topo sort and Back edge finder), but it doesn't work as nicely for
something like the Minimum Spanning Forest.

Aside from these, I think the Graph package is a great idea, and
am willing to contribute what I can to make it work.


David Dixon-Peugh

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