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From Christoph Reck <>
Subject Re: [util] FileUtils
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 09:30:05 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:
> Hi,
> Would anyone mind if I take most of the methods in the 'rupert' FileUtils
> class and combine it with the FileUtils class that is in the 'util'
> package?
> The only method I don't want to move is one that requires some Oro code.

+1, some way should be designed to provide a directory filter, maybe 
it should then take a plain FilenameFilter (which would require implementing
it externally).

Jason, I'd be glad to see other classes from 'rupert' been taken over to
'util'. Any interest in optimizing away some more classes out of 'rupert'?:

* DynamicURI and ParameterParser should be retaken from Turbine and moved 
  into Commons if not already done so (note that I stripped the Turbine
  propietary date handling out of ParameterParser - this should be done
  with a assiciated DateUtil).

* some of the methods of ContextTool should be moved into a StringUtil, 
  others into the FileUtil, e.g. encodeToName(). The URL and XML encode
  and decode methos could go into even something else, but should be part of
  commons (you will find them re-implented all over in Jakarta and Apache

* christoph.MathTool has less functionality that nathan.MathTool and could
  flow into that one.

* christoph.IsoDateTool has a feature that allows abbreviated date/time
  strings (which do not match the full DateFormatter string) as 
  defined in ISO8601. Otherwise nathan.DateTool has some more sweets.

* ScriptTool is my favorite and should be part of common utils.

* XmlTool has been obsoleted partially by Anakia, still we need some easy 
  way to load DOM trees (or Anakia-root) from a filename or URL.

* UserTool is maybe to application specific, but provides a 
  user-group-role-permission access as defined in an XML file. Does
  some other project have a similar capability? Does such a functionality
  make sense in commons?

:) Christoph

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