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Subject RE: HTTP Client API comment and Q about HttpException
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 15:31:48 GMT

On Wed, 05 December 2001, "Donnie Hale" wrote:

> Since HTTP Client came up, I'll ask a "just out of curiousity" question: As
> most of you know, there's another "httpclient" library at
> I first used it in about 1996, so
> it's been around a while. I know it's not updated terribly frequently, but
> it has tons of functionality and feature support in it.
> So... What's the rationale behind this HTTP Client library development?

I haven't followed the development of Jakarta's HTTP Client, but you can probably find something
useful in the PROPOSAL document.

I've used Ronald's HTTP Client recently (just before I tried Jakarta's).  Even though it's
old it still had some fundamental bugs (I reported 2-3 NPE and StringArrayOutOfBounds exceptions
that were promptly fixed).
It is not clear when the new version is going to be released, although the author did tell
me it is going to be released and it is going to happen soon.

On the other hand, I've had more luck fetching pages with Ronald's HTTP Client.  Jakarta's
HTTP Client seems to hang on different URLs and has no way of specifying time out values.

Also, it looks like Ronald's HTTP Client allows people to write their own cookie and authentication
handlers, while I don't think that's the case with Jakarta's HTTP Client (I could be wrong
about this, I looked at the latter's API and code only briefly).

Please take this with a grain of salt, I'm just a new user of both libraries, not a developer
of either of them.


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> Subject: Re: HTTP Client API comment and Q about HttpException
> >Another possible solution ,if this is a wide spread problem, might be to
> >have a strict mode and a forgiving mode for the HTTPClient.
> Agreed. So that's the question: is this a wide-spread problem?
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