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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject [VOTE] Move "logging" package from Sandbox to Commons Proper
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 03:12:13 GMT
Well, it's time for me to climb part way down the fence on logging APIs

I propose that we move the "logging" wrapper API that is currently in
jakarta-commons-sandbox into jakarta-commons (making it a normal Commons
package).  Further, I propose to add an optional wrapper for JDK 1.4
logging if it is available, and to enhance the mechanism by which a
default logging implementation is selected to be (if not explicitly
* Log4J if available
* JDK 1.4 if available
* NoOpLog otherwise

(I would have no objection to seeing optional, self-configuring, wrappers
for other logging APIs such as LogKit, added to this list.)

Finally, I will shortly be proposing that we create a release of this API.
To make this more reasonable, I just checked in some Javadoc changes to
document how things currently work, with commented-out references to
support for the JDK 1.4 wrapper that will be uncommented when the wrapper
actually exists.

----- Cut Here -----
[ ] +1  I support this action, and will work to help
[ ] +0  I support this action, but cannot help
[ ] -0  I do not support this action, but do not wish to veto it
[ ] -1  I do not support this action, and here are my reasons
----- Cut Here -----

Separately, I will be proposing that the Commons and sandbox packages I'm
actively working on (beanutils, digester, modeler, workflow) be modified
to use the Commons logging API, rather than logging to System.out as they
currently do.  But that's a topic for separate mails.


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