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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: earth to digester
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 01:48:41 GMT
On 11/1/01 6:52 PM, "Scott Sanders" <> wrote:

> Well then, just post the design problem and let it drift with us whilst we
> look for the solution ;-)
> Jason can chime in as well?  Jason, is this for Maven?

Not specifically, no. But I would like to be able set a property with the
body text of an element without having to use addCallMethod().

I would like to use some form of setProperties() to map the entire XML
document to a bean. So if I have a consistent structure too my XML documents
than one digester will take care of all my needs.

Ultimately this is a tool I want to use to extend Torque to allow XML
persistence  and not just database persistence. If all the beans conform to
a certain pattern (unlikely, I know but for 80% of all cases I imagine the
pattern would work) than all I need is one digester.
> Scott Sanders
>> i posted yesterday because jason mailed me wondered if it was possible to
>> create a certain kind of rule (actually he wanted to know if i'd already
>> written one). i thought at first that it was but it turned out there were
>> wrinkles which would require a few changes to digester in order to make
>> this rule possible.
>> IMHO design discussions are best conducted when people have time to think
>> and so i thought it best to let the matter drift.
>> - robert
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Jason van Zyl

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