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From David Winterfeldt <>
Subject Proposal for Validation Framework
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 17:43:10 GMT
This validation framework was made to work with Struts
originally, but it will work on any JavaBean.  So in
some discussions we thought that it might be nice if
it was in commons so more people would know about it
and can use it.  Also there could be more examples of
making it work with other frameworks than Struts. 
Here is a brief description of the project and the
link to the site where it is posted (which has
documenation posted on it).

The Validation Framework was made to work with Struts
although it can be used to perform validation on any
JavaBean (by using the Validator class). It can
perform basic validations to check if a field is
required, matches a regular expression, email, credit
card, and server side type checking and date
validation. Different validation rules can be defined
for different locales. The framework has basic support
for user defined constants which can be used in some
field attributes. The validation routines are
modifiable in the validation.xml file so custom
validation routines can be created and added to the
framework.  JavaScript can be auto-generated that
matches the server side validation.  The current tag
(JavascriptValidatorTag) relies on Struts, but could
be abstracted to generate Javascript for other

Validating Outside of Struts

Let me know if there are any questions.

David Winterfeldt

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