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From Lavandowska <>
Subject Re: [Submission] commons.util.http enhancements
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2001 15:16:16 GMT

--- Daniel Rall <> wrote:
> I finally had some time to look at your patch, Lance.  The build.xml
> file didn't have the JSDK JAR in the classpath at compile time,
> ExtendedBrowserDetector includes all of the content of
> BrowserDetector (which it sub-classes) and didn't compile.  

I'm still largely mystified by the build.xml stuff, and probably have
the JSDK in my system classpath because some other project wouldn't
compile without it there (masking this issue).  I'm curious as to any
other reason it wouldn't compile.  It sounded like there was a time
issue before, so I hadn't taken the time to truly subclass
BrowserDetector.  When I get a chance I'll rectify that.

> It might make more sense
> to have a single "flags" int member in ExtendedBrowserDetector and do
> bitwise ORs instead of having so many boolean flags.  

I was just following the "design philosophy" of the original
BrowserDetector.  I think the idea was that the end user of the
BrowserDetector bean could just fetch the relevant boolean.  Having
fewer members would be good, however.

> I didn't look at
> RequestUtils because I tired of fixing problems.

This is the one I'm really interested in contributing.  If there are
problems with it (I'm guessing the JSDK issue), please just let me know
directly (off-line) rather than wearing yourself out fixing them - I
need to get more familiar with the issues of Apache contribution (yes,
I've read all the docs & examined code from various projects).


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