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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject Re: The Commons Proper - component sharing
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 09:57:02 GMT
Firstly, what do you define as a "component"? What sort of info are you

I think it boils down to, "how will registering benefit this project"?

Advertising? Try typing the following in Google:

"java XML parser" -> First hit is Xerces
"java XSLT processor" -> First hit is Xalan
"servlet container" -> First hit is Tomcat
"java build tool" -> First hit is Ant

Conclusion: if the product is good, advertising isn't needed.

So imagine you're an open source developer. You have a choice of:

a) spending time making your code and documentation better so people
will want to use it
b) spending time creating and (more importantly) maintaining project
metadata solely for the benefit of users of a proprietary tool.

I think you need to make option b) more appealing ;)


On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 07:06:06PM -0500, Vince D'Onofrio wrote:
> We are currently developing a product that will automatically locate
> components for a given software design.  We are asking developers and
> vendors of software components to register their products in our system so
> that they can be located by developers who may need them.
> Though we are having fair success in getting vendors of commercial
> components to register their products with us, we have been much less
> successful in getting the open source community to register their
> components.
> We thought that The Commons Proper project was a good place to contact
> developers who were interested in making open source components available to
> the community since it seems to be part of its charter.
> If the developers responsible for Jakarta Commons projects are interested in
> registering their respective components, they can do so at the following
> URL:
> If there is a better way for us to contact the authors of these or other
> open source products I would appreciate the feedback.
> Vince D'Onofrio,
> ProxySource, Inc.
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> Phone:  703-208-3333, x20
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