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From Lavandowska <>
Subject Re: [Submission] commons.util.http enhancements
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2001 19:37:41 GMT
--- Daniel Rall <> wrote:
> I saved your original, but don't have time to do the integration work
> it requires ATM.  If you note in the description of this component,
> it
> endeavors to have no dependencies past the JDK.  Subclass HttpUtils
> and modify the build scripts to build your subclass conditionally
> based on whether the file referenced by ${servlet.jar} exists and
> some
> class that you depend upon is available.

Thank you.  I posted awhile ago wondering to what degree the "no
external" applied ("past the JDK" helps).  Since these classes are in
an "http" sub-package I thought perhaps HttpServletRequest would be

I decided to actually remove the new methods from HttpUtils and created
a RequestUtils instead (and created a subclass of BrowserDetector that
depends on RequestUtils) in order to seperate out the
HttpServletRequest dependancy.  I am trying to edit the build.xml per
your direction, but I'm an ant neophyte: is there a way to exclude
class from a <javac /> task?

Finally, to truly subclass BrowserDetector I would need to change most
attributes of BrowserDetector from private to package.  In the meantime
I have just renamed my version and set it to subclass BrowserDetector
(though it doesn't really have any/much inheritance (past a few


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