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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject distributed test harness anyone?
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 16:11:39 GMT
For some time I've wanted a distributed test harness, along the line of
JUnit & Cactus and the like but that could create a whole bunch of processes
in a network, wait until they've all started and are ready then fire in a
bunch of requests to different processes (from sample test files) at well
defined or random frequencies and track what happened then analyse the

So I guess you could call this both integration testing and performance

I'm mostly thinking of JMS / MOM based test harnesses here, where JMS
publishers and subscribers are created in a network but I suppose it could
be similar for different clusters of web applications or web services. (e.g.
running a simple B2B exchange etc).

My early thoughts was to put something simple together using, say, JJAR to
do the class loading, XML documents to represent the 'proces configuration',
some daemon process to start/stop processes and Messenger & JMS to
distribute the requests, retrieve the results and do the process
coordination - then maybe make the whole thing appear like individual JUnit
test cases with maybe something like xmlunit so it could be integrated into,
say, CruiseControl automated builds.

I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or ideas on the subject. I bumped
into Vincent by chance today (hey Vincent, small world!) and he had some
good ideas on the subject. I'm sure there are others around here.


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