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From "Scott Sanders" <>
Subject Re: earth to digester
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 02:22:04 GMT
> > Jason can chime in as well?  Jason, is this for Maven?
> Not specifically, no. But I would like to be able set a property with the
> body text of an element without having to use addCallMethod().

OK.  Understood.

> I would like to use some form of setProperties() to map the entire XML
> document to a bean. So if I have a consistent structure too my XML
> than one digester will take care of all my needs.
> Ultimately this is a tool I want to use to extend Torque to allow XML
> persistence  and not just database persistence. If all the beans conform
> a certain pattern (unlikely, I know but for 80% of all cases I imagine the
> pattern would work) than all I need is one digester.

Are you saying you want Castor's capabilities, at least on the XML->Java

Something like on an element, try to find an attribute on the object at the
top of the stack that corresponds by name to that element, and set the
attribute appropriately?


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