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Subject [38/58] [abbrv] commons-dbutils git commit: Updated changes.xml file per e-mail discussion
Date Fri, 07 Jul 2017 02:07:00 GMT
Updated changes.xml file per e-mail discussion

git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68


Branch: refs/heads/2_0
Commit: 04b2f8e03e91305799af073ecd0a1f080cb3c7ce
Parents: 487aff9
Author: Bill Speirs <>
Authored: Mon May 13 19:32:14 2013 +0000
Committer: Bill Speirs <>
Committed: Mon May 13 19:32:14 2013 +0000

 src/changes/changes.xml | 231 +------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 228 deletions(-)
diff --git a/src/changes/changes.xml b/src/changes/changes.xml
index 311c99f..dd38c43 100644
--- a/src/changes/changes.xml
+++ b/src/changes/changes.xml
@@ -44,238 +44,13 @@ The <action> type attribute can be add,update,fix,remove.
     <release version="2.0" date="2013-??-??" description="Backwards incompatible update
of Commons DBUtils">
+      <action dev="wspeirs" type="add">
+        This is the first release of the 2.x branch of the Commons DbUtils package, DbUtils2.
+	The motivation for creating DbUtils2 was two-fold: a number of deprecated methods in the
original DbUtils, and the desire to support named parameters (DBUTILS-105).
       <action dev="wspeirs" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-105">
         Added named parameter support with fluent API
-    <release version="1.6" date="2013-??-??" description="Bugfixes and addition of insert
-      <action dev="simonetripodi" due-to="Moandji Ezana" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-98">
-        Add missing JavaDoc to QueryRunner#insert
-      </action>
-      <action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-97">
-        Add an Abstract ResultSetHandler implementation in order to reduce redundant 'resultSet'
variable invocation
-      </action>
-      <action dev="wspeirs" due-to="Moandji Ezana" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-87">
-        Added insert methods to QueryRunner and AsyncQueryRunner that return the generated
-      </action>
-      <action dev="simonetripodi" due-to="yuyf" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-96">
-        DbUtils#loadDriver(ClassLoader,String) makes DriverManager throwing "No suitable
driver found for jdbc"
-        if ClassLoader is not the System's one
-      </action>
-    </release>
-    <release version="1.5" date="2012-07-20" description="Bugfixes and addition of BeanMapHandler">
-      <action dev="simonetripodi" due-to="Benedikt Ritter" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-94">
-        Provide test coverage for org.apache.commons.dbutils.DbUtils
-      </action>
-      <action dev="simonetripodi" due-to="Stevo Slavic" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-93">
-        Source assembly artifact fails to build a site because of missing pmd-ruleset.xml
-      </action>
-      <action dev="simonetripodi" due-to="Stevo Slavic" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-91">
-        Enhance BasicRowProcessor to have row mapping easier to configure
-      </action>
-      <action due-to="wspeirs" type="update">
-        Updated pom.xml: Java 1.6 now required, clirr and compiler plugin removed 
-      </action>
-      <action due-to="Tiago Cavaleiro" dev="wspeirs" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-84">
-        BeanProcessor method processColumn should take SQLXML in consideration
-      </action>
-      <action dev="wspeirs" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-77">
-        Updated documentation to better reflect the use of pmdKnownBroken
-      </action>
-      <action due-to="Sebb" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-73">
-        Added a fixed Locale (Locale.ENGLISH) to all toLowerCase calls in BasicRowProcessor
-      </action>
-      <action due-to="Michael Osipov" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-67">
-        Added BeanMapHandler
-      </action>
-      <action due-to="Michael Osipov" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-66">
-        Added generics to ScalarHandler, ColumnHandler, and KeyedHandler
-      </action>
-    </release>
-    <release version="1.4" date="2011-10-23" description="Bugfixes and addition of asynchronous
-      <action type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-81">
-        DbUtils.loadDriver() uses Class.forName()
-      </action>
-      <action type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-80">
-        DbUtils.loadDriver catches Throwable
-      </action>
-      <action type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-65">
-        Duplicate code introduced during Java 1.5 branch merge
-      </action>
-      <action type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-79">
-        fillStatement doesn't complain when there are too few parameters
-      </action>
-      <action type="update" issue="DBUTILS-75">
-        efficient usage from findbugs
-      </action>
-      <action dev="wspeirs" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-78">
-        Add asynchronous batch, query, and update calls
-      </action>
-    </release>
-    <release version="1.3" date="2009-11-04" description="Adds Java5 generics and varargs">
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-48">
-        Java 1.5 generics and varargs
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-57">
-        BeanProcessor#mapColumnsToProperties now prefers to use column labels over column
names (where aliases are not set, these should be identical)
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-58">
-        Setting pmdKnownBroken in QueryRunner constructor now completely ignores ParameterMetaData
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-60">
-        Fixed error message in QueryRunner#rethrow
-      </action>
-    </release>
-    <release version="1.2" date="2009-03-06" description="Another round of fixes; deprecates
methods in preparation for varargs in java5">
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-52">
-        Removed setDataSource method to guarantee thread safety
-      </action>
-      <action dev="sebb" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-51">
-        Made numerous private instance members final to guarantee thread safety; changed
protected member of KeyedHandler to final
-      </action>
-      <action dev="bayard" type="remove">
-        Remove old Maven1/Ant build scripts
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-29">
-        Support bean property to SQL IN parameter mapping
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-31">
-        fillStatement setNull bug with the Postgres/Derby JDBC driver (and others)
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-33">
-        Make GenericListHandler (now AbstractListHandler) public
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-34">
-        BasicRowProcessor loses any information on database field case
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-37">
-        BeanListHandler#handle(ResultSet) is not optimal
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-40">
-        NullPointerException occured at rethrow method
-      </action>     
-      <action dev="dfabulich" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-42">
-        Object with Long or Decimal got initial zero value while database field is null
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dennisl" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-38">
-        example documentation page, update query
-      </action>
-      <action dev="bayard" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-36">
-        Add serialVersionUID to BasicRowProcessor.CaseInsensitiveHashMap
-      </action>
-    </release>
-    <release version="1.1" date="2006-12-01" description="Last couple of years of fixes">
-      <action dev="bayard" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-32">
-        Tests fail to build under 1.6, and warning while compiling source  
-      </action>
-      <action dev="bayard" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-1">
-        BeanListHandler and BeanHandler fail to support java.sql.Date()
-      </action>
-      <action dev="bayard" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-16">
-        ResultSetRowProcessor abstract handler and some classes rework
-      </action>
-      <action dev="bayard" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-3">
-        Setting bean properties fails silently
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-9">
-        MockResultSet needs to handle equals and hashCode 
-      </action>
-      <action dev="bayard" type="fix" issue="DBUTILS-7">
-        MockResultSet: Throw UnsupportedOperationException for not implemented methods
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-20">
-        Implement Pluggable Adaptors to Make BeanHandler Smarter
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-15">
-        Patch for extending BasicRowProcessor 
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-12">
-        Protected QueryRunner.close() methods 
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-23">
-        Updated docs for example.html page (select AS) 
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-4">
-        Added protected ResultSetIterator.rethrow() method to wrap SQLExceptions in 
-        RuntimeExceptions.
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-5">
-        Added SQLState and error code to rethrown SQLExceptions.
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-25">
-        Added KeyedHandler to create a Map of Maps from a ResultSet.
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-2">
-        Use current class' ClassLoader instead of QueryLoader's ClassLoader
-        in loadQueries().
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-22">
-        Made QueryLoader.loadQueries() protected so subclasses can use query
-        repositories other than properties files.    
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="update">
-        QueryRunner now calls getDataSource() internally any time it needs access
-        to its DataSource object to allow subclasses to provide different behavior.
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add">
-        Added DbUtils.rollbackAndClose() and DbUtils.rollbackAndCloseQuietly().
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-26">
-        Call ResultSet.getTimestamp() in BeanProcessor.processColumn() if 
-        the bean property is a java.sql.Timestamp.  Oracle's getObject() 
-        implementation returns its own incompatible Timestamp class.
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="update" issue="DBUTILS-18">
-        Changed QueryRunner.fillStatement() null handling 
-        to use Types.VARCHAR instead of Types.OTHER.  This works for the 
-        following tested drivers: Firebird 1.5/firebirdsql 1.5RC3,
-        Oracle 9/ Thin driver, MySQL 4.0/Msql Connecttor 3.0 and mm.mysql 
-        2.0.4 MaxDB 7.5, HSQLDB 1.7.1, and MS Access/ODBC Bridge.
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-21">
-        Added a protected QueryRunner.prepareConnection() method to
-        allow subclasses to customize the Connections retrieved from
-        the DataSource before they're used.
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add">
-        Refactored bean handling from BasicRowProcessor into new 
-        BeanProcessor class.  This also fixes the common problem with
-        Oracle NUMERIC fields not being set into bean properties.
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-13">
-        Added QueryRunner.batch() methods for batch updates.
-      </action>
-      <action dev="dgraham" type="add" issue="DBUTILS-11">
-        Added new ResultSetHandler implementation, ColumnListHandler, that 
-        converts one ResultSet column into a List of Objects.
-      </action>
-    </release>
-    <release version="1.0" date="2003-11-10" description="First release of DbUtils">
-      <action type="add">
-        This is the first release of the Commons DbUtils package.  DbUtils
-        is a small set of classes designed to make working with JDBC easier.
-      </action>    
-      <action type="add">
-        QueryRunner class with ResultSetHandler interface allow you to easily query or
-        update a database and handle the ResultSet.  Several useful implementations
-        of the ResultSetHandler interface are located in the 
-        org.apache.commons.dbutils.handlers.* package.
-      </action>    
-      <action type="add">
-        ResultSet wrappers that decorate ResultSets with specialized 
-        behavior.  See the classes in the org.apache.commons.dbutils.wrappers.* 
-        package for details.
-      </action>
-      <action type="add">
-        Dynamic JDBC API interface implementations via the standard 
-        java.lang.reflect.Proxy class.  This allows you to implement JDBC 
-        interfaces such as ResultSet at runtime to avoid API version 
-        incompatibilities.  See org.apache.commons.dbutils.ProxyFactory 
-        for details.
-      </action>
-    </release>

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