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Subject [48/51] [partial] commons-rng git commit: Multimodule support
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2016 23:29:55 GMT
diff --git a/commons-rng-core/site-content/.svn/pristine/01/0183a626dc1383e47b9da5f42bf0f33217aff938.svn-base
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..80ed64f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/commons-rng-core/site-content/.svn/pristine/01/0183a626dc1383e47b9da5f42bf0f33217aff938.svn-base
@@ -0,0 +1,131 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0
Strict//EN" ""><html xmlns=""
lang="en"><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8"/><link
rel="stylesheet" href="../.resources/report.css" type="text/css"/><link rel="shortcut
icon" href="../.resources/report.gif" type="image/gif"/><title></title><link
rel="stylesheet" href="../.resources/prettify.css" type="text/css"/><script type="text/javascript"
src="../.resources/prettify.js"></script></head><body onload="window['PR_TAB_WIDTH']=4;prettyPrint()"><div
class="breadcrumb" id="breadcrumb"><span class="info"><a href="../.sessions.html"
class="el_session">Sessions</a></span><a href="../index.html" class="el_report">Apache
Commons Rng</a> &gt; <a href="index.source.html" class="el_package">org.apache.commons.rng.internal.source32</a>
&gt; <span class="el_source"></span
 ></div><h1></h1><pre class="source lang-java linenums">/*
+ * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
+ * contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
+ * this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
+ * The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
+ * (the &quot;License&quot;); you may not use this file except in compliance with
+ * the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
+ *
+ *
+ *
+ * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+ * distributed under the License is distributed on an &quot;AS IS&quot; BASIS,
+ * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
+ * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
+ * limitations under the License.
+ */
+package org.apache.commons.rng.internal.source32;
+import org.apache.commons.rng.internal.util.NumberFactory;
+import org.apache.commons.rng.internal.BaseProvider;
+ * Base class for all implementations that provide an {@code int}-based
+ * source randomness.
+ */
+<span class="fc" id="L27">public abstract class IntProvider</span>
+    extends BaseProvider
+    implements RandomIntSource {
+    /** {@inheritDoc} */
+    @Override
+    public abstract int next();
+    /** {@inheritDoc} */
+    @Override
+    public int nextInt() {
+<span class="fc" id="L38">        return next();</span>
+    }
+    /** {@inheritDoc} */
+    @Override
+    public boolean nextBoolean() {
+<span class="fc" id="L44">        return NumberFactory.makeBoolean(nextInt());</span>
+    }
+    /** {@inheritDoc} */
+    @Override
+    public double nextDouble() {
+<span class="fc" id="L50">        return NumberFactory.makeDouble(nextInt(), nextInt());</span>
+    }
+    /** {@inheritDoc} */
+    @Override
+    public float nextFloat() {
+<span class="fc" id="L56">        return NumberFactory.makeFloat(nextInt());</span>
+    }
+    /** {@inheritDoc} */
+    @Override
+    public long nextLong() {
+<span class="fc" id="L62">        return NumberFactory.makeLong(nextInt(), nextInt());</span>
+    }
+    /** {@inheritDoc} */
+    @Override
+    public void nextBytes(byte[] bytes) {
+<span class="fc" id="L68">        nextBytesFill(this, bytes, 0, bytes.length);</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L69">    }</span>
+    /** {@inheritDoc} */
+    @Override
+    public void nextBytes(byte[] bytes,
+                          int start,
+                          int len) {
+<span class="fc" id="L76">        checkIndex(0, bytes.length - 1, start);</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L77">        checkIndex(0, bytes.length - start, len);</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L79">        nextBytesFill(this, bytes, start, len);</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L80">    }</span>
+    /**
+     * Generates random bytes and places them into a user-supplied array.
+     *
+     * &lt;p&gt;
+     * The array is filled with bytes extracted from random {@code int} values.
+     * This implies that the number of random bytes generated may be larger than
+     * the length of the byte array.
+     * &lt;/p&gt;
+     *
+     * @param source Source of randomness.
+     * @param bytes Array in which to put the generated bytes. Cannot be null.
+     * @param start Index at which to start inserting the generated bytes.
+     * @param len Number of bytes to insert.
+     */
+    static void nextBytesFill(RandomIntSource source,
+                              byte[] bytes,
+                              int start,
+                              int len) {
+<span class="fc" id="L100">        int index = start; // Index of first insertion.</span>
+        // Index of first insertion plus multiple of 4 part of length
+        // (i.e. length with 2 least significant bits unset).
+<span class="fc" id="L104">        final int indexLoopLimit = index + (len &amp;
+        // Start filling in the byte array, 4 bytes at a time.
+<span class="fc bfc" id="L107" title="All 2 branches covered.">        while (index
&lt; indexLoopLimit) {</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L108">            final int random =;</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L109">            bytes[index++] = (byte) random;</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L110">            bytes[index++] = (byte) (random &gt;&gt;&gt;
+<span class="fc" id="L111">            bytes[index++] = (byte) (random &gt;&gt;&gt;
+<span class="fc" id="L112">            bytes[index++] = (byte) (random &gt;&gt;&gt;
+<span class="fc" id="L113">        }</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L115">        final int indexLimit = start + len; // Index of
last insertion + 1.</span>
+        // Fill in the remaining bytes.
+<span class="fc bfc" id="L118" title="All 2 branches covered.">        if (index &lt;
indexLimit) {</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L119">            int random =;</span>
+            while (true) {
+<span class="fc" id="L121">                bytes[index++] = (byte) random;</span>
+<span class="fc bfc" id="L122" title="All 2 branches covered.">                if (index
&lt; indexLimit) {</span>
+<span class="fc" id="L123">                    random &gt;&gt;&gt;= 8;</span>
+                } else {
+                    break;
+                }
+            }
+        }
+<span class="fc" id="L129">    }</span>
+</pre><div class="footer"><span class="right">Created with <a href="">JaCoCo</a></span></div></body></html>
\ No newline at end of file
diff --git a/commons-rng-core/site-content/.svn/pristine/01/01d015d1a8ee81a57dda1c852498aebf8fd9a7fc.svn-base
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..004079c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/commons-rng-core/site-content/.svn/pristine/01/01d015d1a8ee81a57dda1c852498aebf8fd9a7fc.svn-base
@@ -0,0 +1,69 @@
+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
+<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en">
+<head><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
+<title>Well19937c xref</title>
+<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="../../../../../../stylesheet.css" />
+<div id="overview"><a href="../../../../../../../apidocs/org/apache/commons/rng/internal/source32/Well19937c.html">View
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L1" href="#L1">1</a>   <em class="jxr_comment">/*</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L2" href="#L2">2</a>   <em class="jxr_comment">
* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L3" href="#L3">3</a>   <em class="jxr_comment">
* contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L4" href="#L4">4</a>   <em class="jxr_comment">
* this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L5" href="#L5">5</a>   <em class="jxr_comment">
* The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L6" href="#L6">6</a>   <em class="jxr_comment">
* (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L7" href="#L7">7</a>   <em class="jxr_comment">
* the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L8" href="#L8">8</a>   <em class="jxr_comment">
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L9" href="#L9">9</a>   <em class="jxr_comment">
*      <a href="" target="alexandria_uri"></a>0</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L10" href="#L10">10</a>  <em class="jxr_comment">
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L11" href="#L11">11</a>  <em class="jxr_comment">
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L12" href="#L12">12</a>  <em class="jxr_comment">
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L13" href="#L13">13</a>  <em class="jxr_comment">
* WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L14" href="#L14">14</a>  <em class="jxr_comment">
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L15" href="#L15">15</a>  <em class="jxr_comment">
* limitations under the License.</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L16" href="#L16">16</a>  <em class="jxr_comment">
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L17" href="#L17">17</a>  <strong class="jxr_keyword">package</strong>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L18" href="#L18">18</a>  
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L19" href="#L19">19</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">/**</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L20" href="#L20">20</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* This class implements the WELL19937c pseudo-random number generator</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L21" href="#L21">21</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* from Fran&amp;ccedil;ois Panneton, Pierre L'Ecuyer and Makoto Matsumoto.</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L22" href="#L22">22</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* &lt;p&gt;</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L23" href="#L23">23</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* This generator is described in a paper by Fran&amp;ccedil;ois Panneton,</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L24" href="#L24">24</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* Pierre L'Ecuyer and Makoto Matsumoto</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L25" href="#L25">25</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* &lt;a href="<a href=""
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L26" href="#L26">26</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* Improved Long-Period Generators Based on Linear Recurrences Modulo 2&lt;/a&gt;</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L27" href="#L27">27</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 32, 1 (2006).</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L28" href="#L28">28</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* The errata for the paper are in</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L29" href="#L29">29</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* &lt;a href="<a href=""
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L30" href="#L30">30</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* &lt;/p&gt;</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L31" href="#L31">31</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L32" href="#L32">32</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* @see &lt;a href="<a href="" target="alexandria_uri"></a>"&gt;WELL
Random number generator&lt;/a&gt;</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L33" href="#L33">33</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
* @since 1.0</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L34" href="#L34">34</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L35" href="#L35">35</a>  <strong class="jxr_keyword">public</strong>
<strong class="jxr_keyword">class</strong> <a href="../../../../../../org/apache/commons/rng/internal/source32/Well19937c.html">Well19937c</a>
<strong class="jxr_keyword">extends</strong> <a href="../../../../../../org/apache/commons/rng/internal/source32/Well19937a.html">Well19937a</a>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L36" href="#L36">36</a>      <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">/**</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L37" href="#L37">37</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
    * Creates a new random number generator.</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L38" href="#L38">38</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L39" href="#L39">39</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
    * @param seed Initial seed.</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L40" href="#L40">40</a>  <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L41" href="#L41">41</a>      <strong class="jxr_keyword">public</strong>
<a href="../../../../../../org/apache/commons/rng/internal/source32/Well19937c.html">Well19937c</a>(<strong
class="jxr_keyword">int</strong>[] seed) {
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L42" href="#L42">42</a>          <strong class="jxr_keyword">super</strong>(seed);
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L43" href="#L43">43</a>      }
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L44" href="#L44">44</a>  
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L45" href="#L45">45</a>      <em class="jxr_javadoccomment">/**
{@inheritDoc} */</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L46" href="#L46">46</a>      @Override
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L47" href="#L47">47</a>      <strong class="jxr_keyword">public</strong>
<strong class="jxr_keyword">int</strong> next() {
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L48" href="#L48">48</a>          <strong class="jxr_keyword">int</strong>
z4 = <strong class="jxr_keyword">super</strong>.next();
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L49" href="#L49">49</a>  
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L50" href="#L50">50</a>          <em class="jxr_comment">//
Matsumoto-Kurita tempering to get a maximally equidistributed generator.</em>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L51" href="#L51">51</a>          z4 ^= (z4 &lt;&lt;
7) &amp; 0xe46e1700;
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L52" href="#L52">52</a>          z4 ^= (z4 &lt;&lt;
15) &amp; 0x9b868000;
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L53" href="#L53">53</a>  
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L54" href="#L54">54</a>          <strong class="jxr_keyword">return</strong>
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L55" href="#L55">55</a>      }
+<a class="jxr_linenumber" name="L56" href="#L56">56</a>  }
+<div id="footer">Copyright &#169; 2016 <a href="">The
Apache Software Foundation</a>. All rights reserved.</div>
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