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Subject svn commit: r1751631 - /commons/proper/io/trunk/src/site/xdoc/upgradeto2_5.xml
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2016 09:03:31 GMT
Author: britter
Date: Wed Jul  6 09:03:31 2016
New Revision: 1751631

Replace 2.5 Release Notes with the correct content. Thanks to Juergen Gaber.


Modified: commons/proper/io/trunk/src/site/xdoc/upgradeto2_5.xml
--- commons/proper/io/trunk/src/site/xdoc/upgradeto2_5.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/io/trunk/src/site/xdoc/upgradeto2_5.xml Wed Jul  6 09:03:31 2016
@@ -31,37 +31,105 @@ limitations under the License.
                     Classes in this package are considered to be so standard and of such
                     reuse as to justify existence in
-                    The Commons IO library contains utility classes, stream implementations,
file filters,
+                    The Apache Commons IO library contains utility classes, stream implementations,
file filters,
                     file comparators, endian transformation classes, and much more.
-                    Apache Commons IO Version 2.4-SNAPSHOT
+                    Apache Commons IO Version 2.5
+                    New features and bug fixes.
                     Changes in this version include:
                     New features:
-                    o IO-269: Tailer locks file from deletion/rename on Windows. Thanks to
-                    o IO-333: Export OSGi packages at version 1.x in addition to 2.x. Thanks
to fmeschbe.
-                    o IO-320: Add XmlStreamReader support for UTF-32. Thanks to ggregory.
-                    o IO-331: BOMInputStream wrongly detects UTF-32LE_BOM files as UTF-16LE_BOM
files in method
-                    getBOM(). Thanks to ggregory.
-                    o IO-327: Add byteCountToDisplaySize(BigInteger). Thanks to ggregory.
-                    o IO-326: Add new FileUtils.sizeOf[Directory] APIs to return BigInteger.
Thanks to ggregory.
-                    o IO-325: Add IOUtils.toByteArray methods to work with URL and URI. Thanks
to raviprak.
-                    o IO-324: Add missing Charset sister APIs to method that take a String
charset name. Thanks to
-                    raviprak.
+                    o IO-487:  Add ValidatingObjectInputStream for controlled deserialization
+                    o IO-471:  Support for additional encodings in ReversedLinesFileReader
Thanks to Leandro Reis.
+                    o IO-425:  Setter method for threshold on ThresholdingOutputStream Thanks
to Craig Swank.
+                    o IO-406:  Introduce new class AppendableOutputStream Thanks to Niall
+                    o IO-459:  Add WindowsLineEndingInputStream and UnixLineEndingInputStream.
Thanks to Kristian Rosenvold.
+                    o IO-457:  Add a BoundedReader, a wrapper that can be used to constrain
+                            to an underlying stream when used with mark/reset -
+                            to avoid overflowing the mark limit of the underlying buffer.
Thanks to Kristian Rosenvold.
+                    o IO-426:  Add API IOUtils.closeQuietly(Closeable...)
+                    o IO-410:  Readfully() That Returns A Byte Array Thanks to Beluga Behr.
+                    o IO-395:  Overload IOUtils buffer methods to accept buffer size Thanks
to Beluga Behr.
+                    o IO-382:  Chunked IO for large arrays.
+                             Added writeChunked(byte[], OutputStream) and writeChunked(char[]
+                             Added ChunkedOutputStream, ChunkedWriter
+                    o IO-233:  Add Methods for Buffering Streams/Writers To IOUtils
+                             Added overloaded buffer() methods - see also IO-330
+                    o IO-330:  IOUtils#toBufferedOutputStream/toBufferedWriter to conditionally
wrap the output
+                             Added overloaded buffer() methods - see also IO-233
+                    o IO-381:  Add FileUtils.copyInputStreamToFile API with option to leave
the source open.
+                            See copyInputStreamToFile(final InputStream source, final File
destination, boolean closeSource)
+                    o IO-379:  CharSequenceInputStream - add tests for available()
+                             Fix code so it really does reflect a minimum available.
+                    o IO-346:  Add ByteArrayOutputStream.toInputStream()
+                    o IO-341:  A constant for holding the BOM character (U+FEFF)
+                    o IO-361:  Add API FileUtils.forceMkdirsParent().
+                    o IO-360:  Add API Charsets.requiredCharsets().
+                    o IO-359:  Add IOUtils.skip and skipFully(ReadableByteChannel, long).
Thanks to yukoba.
+                    o IO-358:  Add and readFully(ReadableByteChannel, ByteBuffer
buffer). Thanks to yukoba.
+                    o IO-353:  Add API IOUtils.copy(InputStream, OutputStream, int) Thanks
to ggregory.
+                    o IO-349:  Add API with array offset and length argument to FileUtils.writeByteArrayToFile.
Thanks to scop.
+                    o IO-348:  Missing information in IllegalArgumentException thrown by Thanks to plcstpierre.
+                    o IO-345:  Supply a hook method allowing Tailer actively determining
stop condition. Thanks to mkresse.
+                    o IO-437:  Make IOUtils.EOF public and reuse it in various classes.
                     Fixed Bugs:
-                    o IO-279: Tailer erroneously considers file as new. Thanks to Sergio
Bossa, Chris Baron.
-                    o IO-335: Tailer#readLines - incorrect CR handling.
-                    o IO-334: FileUtils.toURLs throws NPE for null parameter; document the
-                    o IO-332: Improve tailer's reading performance. Thanks to liangly.
-                    o IO-279: Improve Tailer performance with buffered reads (see IO-332).
-                    o IO-329: FileUtils.writeLines uses unbuffered IO. Thanks to tivv.
-                    o IO-319: FileUtils.sizeOfDirectory follows symbolic links. Thanks to
+                    o IO-446:  adds an endOfFileReached method to the TailerListener Thanks
to Jeffrey Barrus.
+                    o IO-484:  FilenameUtils should handle embedded null bytes Thanks to
Philippe Arteau.
+                    o IO-481:  Changed/Corrected algorithm for waitFor
+                    o IO-428:  BOMInputStream.skip returns wrong count if stream contains
no BOM Thanks to Stefan Gmeiner.
+                    o IO-488:  FileUtils.waitFor(...) swallows thread interrupted status
Thanks to Bj�rn Buchner.
+                    o IO-452:  Support for symlinks with missing target. Added support for
JDK7 symlink features when present Thanks to David Standish.
+                    o IO-453:  Regression in FileUtils.readFileToString from 2.0.1 Thanks
to Steven Christou.
+                    o IO-451:  ant test fails - resources missing from test classpath Thanks
to David Standish.
+                    o IO-435:  Document that FileUtils.deleteDirectory, directoryContains
and cleanDirectory
+                             may throw an IllegalArgumentException in case the passed directory
does not
+                             exist or is not a directory. Thanks to Dominik Stadler.
+                    o IO-424:  Javadoc fixes, mostly to appease 1.8.0 Thanks to Ville Skytt�.
+                    o IO-389:  FileUtils.sizeOfDirectory can throw IllegalArgumentException
Thanks to Austin Doupnik.
+                    o IO-390:  FileUtils.sizeOfDirectoryAsBigInteger can overflow.
+                             Ensure that recursive calls all use BigInteger
+                    o IO-385:  FileUtils.doCopyFile can potentially loop for ever
+                             Exit loop if no data to copy
+                    o IO-383:  FileUtils.doCopyFile caches the file size; needs to be documented
+                             Added Javadoc; show file lengths in exception message
+                    o IO-380:  FileUtils.copyInputStreamToFile should document it closes
the input source Thanks to claudio_ch.
+                    o IO-279:  Tailer erroneously considers file as new.
+                            Fix to use file.lastModified() rather than System.currentTimeMillis()
+                    o IO-356:  CharSequenceInputStream#reset() behaves incorrectly in case
when buffer size is not dividable by data size.
+                             Fix code so skip relates to the encoded bytes; reset now re-encodes
the data up to the point of the mark
+                    o IO-368:  ClassLoaderObjectInputStream does not handle primitive typed
+                    o IO-314:  Deprecate all methods that use the default encoding
+                    o IO-338:  When a file is rotated, finish reading previous file prior
to starting new one
+                    o IO-354:  Commons IO Tailer does not respect UTF-8 Charset.
+                    o IO-323:  What should happen in FileUtils.sizeOf[Directory] when an
overflow takes place?
+                            Added Javadoc.
+                    o IO-372:  FileUtils.moveDirectory can produce misleading error message
on failiure
+                    o IO-362:  IOUtils.contentEquals* methods returns false if input1 ==
input2, should return true. Thanks to mmadson, ggregory.
+                    o IO-357:  [Tailer] InterruptedException while the thread is sleeping
is silently ignored Thanks to mortenh.
+                    o IO-352:  Spelling fixes. Thanks to scop.
+                    o IO-436:  Improper JavaDoc comment for FilenameUtils.indexOfExtension.
Thanks to christoph.schneegans.
+                    Changes:
+                    o IO-433:  Converted all testcases to JUnit 4
+                    o IO-466:  Added testcase to show this was fixed with IO-423
+                    o IO-479:  Correct exception message in FileUtils.getFile(File, String...)
Thanks to Zhouce Chen.
+                    o IO-465:  Update to JUnit 4.12 Thanks to based2.
+                    o IO-462:  IOExceptionWithCause no longer needed
+                    o IO-422:  Deprecate Charsets Charset constants in favor of Java 7's
+                    o IO-239:  Convert IOCase to a Java 1.5+ Enumeration
+                             [N.B. this is binary compatible]
+                    o IO-328:  getPrefixLength returns null if filename has leading slashes
+                            Javadoc: add examples to show correct behaviour; add unit tests
+                    o IO-299:  FileUtils.listFilesAndDirs includes original dir in results
even when it doesn't match filter
+                            Javadoc: clarify that original dir is included in the results
+                    o IO-375:  FilenameUtils.splitOnTokens(String text) check for '**' could
be simplified
+                    o IO-374:  WildcardFileFilter ctors should not use null to mean IOCase.SENSITIVE
when delegating to other ctors
-                    Compatibility with 2.3:
+                    Compatibility with 2.4:
                     Binary compatible: Yes.
                     Source compatible: Yes.
                     Semantic compatible: Yes.

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