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Subject svn commit: r4654 - in /dev/commons/lang: ./ binaries/ source/
Date Sat, 15 Mar 2014 12:59:47 GMT
Author: britter
Date: Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
New Revision: 4654

Prepare commons-lang 3.3.1 RC1

    dev/commons/lang/RELEASE-NOTES.txt   (with props)
    dev/commons/lang/binaries/commons-lang3-3.3.1-bin.tar.gz   (with props)
    dev/commons/lang/binaries/   (with props)
    dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz   (with props)
    dev/commons/lang/source/   (with props)

Added: dev/commons/lang/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- dev/commons/lang/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (added)
+++ dev/commons/lang/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
@@ -0,0 +1,479 @@
+                           Apache Commons Lang
+                               Version 3.3.1
+                              Release Notes
+This document contains the release notes for the 3.3.1 version of 
+Apache Commons Lang. Commons Lang is a set of utility functions and reusable 
+components that should be of use in any Java environment. Commons Lang 3.3.1
+at least requires Java 6.0.
+For the advice on upgrading from 2.x to 3.x, see the following page: 
+o LANG-987:  DateUtils.getFragmentInDays(Date, Calendar.MONTH) returns wrong
+             days
+o LANG-983:  DurationFormatUtils does not describe format string fully
+o LANG-981:  DurationFormatUtils#lexx does not detect unmatched quote char
+o LANG-984:  DurationFormatUtils does not handle large durations correctly
+o LANG-982:  DurationFormatUtils.formatDuration(61999, "s.SSSS") - ms field
+             size should be 4 digits
+o LANG-978:  Failing tests with Java 8 b128
+                        Release Notes for version 3.3
+o LANG-955:  Add methods for removing all invalid characters according to
+             XML 1.0 and XML 1.1 in an input string to StringEscapeUtils.
+             Thanks to Adam Hooper.
+o LANG-970:  Add APIs MutableBoolean setTrue() and setFalse()
+o LANG-962:  Add SerializationUtils.roundtrip(T extends Serializable) to
+             serialize then deserialize
+o LANG-637:  There should be a DifferenceBuilder with a
+             ReflectionDifferenceBuilder implementation
+o LANG-944:  Add the Jaro-Winkler string distance algorithm to StringUtils.
+             Thanks to Rekha Joshi.
+o LANG-417:  New class ClassPathUtils with methods for turning FQN into
+             resource path
+o LANG-834:  Validate: add inclusiveBetween and exclusiveBetween overloads
+             for primitive types
+o LANG-900:  New RandomUtils class. Thanks to Duncan Jones.
+o LANG-966:  Add IBM OS/400 detection
+o LANG-621:  ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString does not debug 3rd party object
+             fields within 3rd party object. Thanks to Philip Hodges,
+             Thomas Neidhart.
+o LANG-977:  NumericEntityEscaper incorrectly encodes supplementary characters.
+             Thanks to Chris Karcher.
+o LANG-973:  Make some private fields final
+o LANG-971:  NumberUtils#isNumber(String) fails to reject invalid Octal numbers
+o LANG-972:  NumberUtils#isNumber does not allow for hex 0XABCD
+o LANG-969:  StringUtils.toEncodedString(byte[], Charset) needlessly throws
+             UnsupportedEncodingException. Thanks to Matt Bishop.
+o LANG-946:  ConstantInitializerTest fails when building with IBM JDK 7
+o LANG-954:  uncaught PatternSyntaxException in FastDateFormat on Android.
+             Thanks to Michael Keppler.
+o LANG-936:  StringUtils.getLevenshteinDistance with too big of a threshold
+             returns wrong result. Thanks to Yaniv Kunda, Eli Lindsey.
+o LANG-943:  Test DurationFormatUtilsTest.testEdgeDuration fails in
+             JDK 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8, BRST time zone
+o LANG-613:  ConstructorUtils.getAccessibleConstructor() Does Not Check the
+             Accessibility of Enclosing Classes
+o LANG-951:  Fragments are wrong by 1 day when using fragment YEAR or MONTH.
+             Thanks to Sebastian Götz.
+o LANG-950:  FastDateParser does not handle two digit year parsing like
+             SimpleDateFormat
+o LANG-949:  FastDateParserTest.testParses does not test FastDateParser
+o LANG-915:  Wrong locale handling in LocaleUtils.toLocale().
+             Thanks to Sergio Fernández.
+o LANG-961:  org.apache.commons.lang3.reflect.FieldUtils.removeFinalModifier(Field)
+             does not clean up after itself
+o LANG-958:  FastDateParser javadoc incorrectly states that SimpleDateFormat
+             is used internally
+o LANG-956:  Improve JavaDoc of WordUtils.wrap methods
+o LANG-939:  Move Documentation from user guide to package-info files
+o LANG-953:  Convert package.html files to files
+o LANG-940:  Fix deprecation warnings
+o LANG-819:  EnumUtils.generateBitVector needs a "? extends"
+                        Release Notes for version 3.2.1
+o LANG-937:  Fix missing Hamcrest dependency in Ant Build
+o LANG-941:  Test failure in LocaleUtilsTest when building with JDK 8
+o LANG-942:  Test failure in FastDateParserTest and FastDateFormat_ParserTest
+             when building with JDK8. Thanks to Bruno P. Kinoshita,
+             Henri Yandell.
+o LANG-938:  Build fails with test failures when building with JDK 8 
+                        Release Notes for version 3.2
+This release introduces backwards incompatible changes in 
+o Method 'protected java.util.List parsePattern()' has been removed
+o Method 'protected java.lang.String parseToken(java.lang.String, int[])' has
+  been removed
+o Method 'protected org.apache.commons.lang3.time.FastDateFormat$NumberRule
+  selectNumberRule(int, int)' has been removed
+These changes were the result of [LANG-462]. It is assumed that this change 
+will not break clients as Charles Honton pointed out on 25/Jan/12:
+ 1. Methods "FastDateFormat$NumberRule selectNumberRule(int, int)" and 
+    "List<Rule> parsePattern()" couldn't have been overridden because
+    NumberRule and Rule were private to FastDateFormat.
+ 2. Due to the factory pattern used, it's unlikely other two methods would have 
+    been overridden.
+ 3. The four methods are highly implementation specific. I consider it a 
+    mistake that the methods were exposed.
+For more information see
+o LANG-934:  Add removeFinalModifier to FieldUtils
+o LANG-863:  Method returns number of inheritance hops between parent and
+             subclass. Thanks to Daneel S. Yaitskov.
+o LANG-774:  Added isStarted, isSuspended and isStopped to StopWatch.
+             Thanks to Erhan Bagdemir.
+o LANG-848:  Added StringUtils.isBlank/isEmpty CharSequence... methods.
+             Thanks to Alexander Muthmann.
+o LANG-926:  Added ArrayUtils.reverse(array, from, to) methods.
+o LANG-795:  StringUtils.toString(byte[], String) deprecated in favour of a new
+             StringUtils.toString(byte[], CharSet). Thanks to Aaron Digulla.
+o LANG-893:  StrSubstitutor now supports default values for variables.
+             Thanks to Woonsan Ko.
+o LANG-913:  Adding .gitignore to commons-lang. Thanks to Allon Mureinik.
+o LANG-837:  Add ObjectUtils.toIdentityString methods that support
+             StringBuilder, StrBuilder, and Appendable.
+o LANG-886:  Added CharSetUtils.containsAny(String, String).
+o LANG-797:  Added escape/unescapeJson to StringEscapeUtils.
+o LANG-875:  Added appendIfMissing and prependIfMissing methods to StringUtils.
+o LANG-870:  Add StringUtils.LF and StringUtils.CR values.
+o LANG-873:  Add FieldUtils getAllFields() to return all the fields defined in
+             the given class and super classes.
+o LANG-835:  StrBuilder should support StringBuilder as an input parameter.
+o LANG-857:  StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in CharSequenceTranslator.
+o LANG-856:  Code refactoring in NumberUtils.
+o LANG-855:  NumberUtils#createBigInteger does not allow for hex and octal
+             numbers.
+o LANG-854:  NumberUtils#createNumber - does not allow for hex numbers to be
+             larger than Long. 
+o LANG-853:  StringUtils join APIs for primitives. 
+o LANG-841:  Add StringUtils API to call String.replaceAll in DOTALL a.k.a.
+             single-line mode. 
+o LANG-825:  Create StrBuilder APIs similar to
+             String.format(String, Object...).
+o LANG-675:  Add Triple class (ternary version of Pair).
+o LANG-462:  FastDateFormat supports parse methods.
+o LANG-932:  Spelling fixes. Thanks to Ville Skyttä.
+o LANG-929:  OctalUnescaper tried to parse all of \279.
+o LANG-928:  OctalUnescaper had bugs when parsing octals starting with a zero.
+o LANG-905:  EqualsBuilder returned true when comparing arrays, even when the
+             elements are different.
+o LANG-917:  Fixed exception when combining custom and choice format in
+             ExtendedMessageFormat. Thanks to Arne Burmeister.
+o LANG-902:  RandomStringUtils.random javadoc was incorrectly promising letters
+             and numbers would, as opposed to may, appear  Issue:. Thanks to
+             Andrzej Winnicki.
+o LANG-921:  BooleanUtils.xor(boolean...) produces wrong results.
+o LANG-896:  BooleanUtils.toBoolean(String str) javadoc is not updated. Thanks
+             to Mark Bryan Yu.
+o LANG-879:  LocaleUtils test fails with new Locale "ja_JP_JP_#u-ca-japanese"
+             of JDK7.
+o LANG-836:  StrSubstitutor does not support StringBuilder or CharSequence.
+             Thanks to Arnaud Brunet.
+o LANG-693:  Method createNumber from NumberUtils doesn't work for floating
+             point numbers other than Float  Issue: LANG-693. Thanks to
+             Calvin Echols.
+o LANG-887:  FastDateFormat does not use the locale specific cache correctly.
+o LANG-754:  ClassUtils.getShortName(String) will now only do a reverse lookup
+             for array types.
+o LANG-881:  NumberUtils.createNumber() Javadoc says it does not work for octal
+             numbers.
+o LANG-865:  LocaleUtils.toLocale does not parse strings starting with an
+             underscore.
+o LANG-858:  StringEscapeUtils.escapeJava() and escapeEcmaScript() do not
+             output the escaped surrogate pairs that are Java parsable.
+o LANG-849:  FastDateFormat and FastDatePrinter generates Date objects 
+             wastefully.
+o LANG-845:  Spelling fixes.
+o LANG-844:  Fix examples contained in javadoc of methods.
+o LANG-832:  FastDateParser does not handle unterminated quotes correctly.
+o LANG-831:  FastDateParser does not handle white-space properly.
+o LANG-830:  FastDateParser could use \Q \E to quote regexes.
+o LANG-828:  FastDateParser does not handle non-Gregorian calendars properly.
+o LANG-826:  FastDateParser does not handle non-ASCII digits correctly.
+o LANG-822:  NumberUtils#createNumber - bad behaviour for leading "--".
+o LANG-818:  FastDateFormat's "z" pattern does not respect timezone of Calendar
+             instances passed to format().
+o LANG-817:  Add org.apache.commons.lang3.SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_8.
+o LANG-813:  StringUtils.equalsIgnoreCase doesn't check string reference
+             equality.
+o LANG-810:  StringUtils.join() endIndex, bugged for loop.
+o LANG-807:  RandomStringUtils throws confusing IAE when end <= start.
+o LANG-805:  RandomStringUtils.random(count, 0, 0, false, false, universe,
+             random) always throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
+o LANG-802:  LocaleUtils - unnecessary recursive call in SyncAvoid class.
+o LANG-800:  Javadoc bug in DateUtils#ceiling for Calendar and Object versions.
+o LANG-788:  SerializationUtils throws ClassNotFoundException when cloning 
+             primitive classes.
+o LANG-786:  StringUtils equals() relies on undefined behavior.
+o LANG-783:  Documentation bug: StringUtils.split.
+o LANG-777:  jar contains velocity template of release notes.
+o LANG-776:  TypeUtilsTest contains incorrect type assignability assertion.
+o LANG-775:  TypeUtils.getTypeArguments() misses type arguments for
+             partially-assigned classes.
+o LANG-773:  ImmutablePair doc contains nonsense text.
+o LANG-772:  ClassUtils.PACKAGE_SEPARATOR Javadoc contains garbage text.
+o LANG-765:  EventListenerSupport.ProxyInvocationHandler no longer defines 
+             serialVersionUID.
+o LANG-764:  StrBuilder is now serializable.
+o LANG-761:  Fix Javadoc Ant warnings.
+o LANG-747:  NumberUtils does not handle Long Hex numbers.
+o LANG-743:  Javadoc bug in static inner class DateIterator.
+o LANG-931:  Misleading Javadoc comment in StrBuilderReader class. Thanks
+             to Christoph Schneegans.
+o LANG-910:  StringUtils.normalizeSpace now handles non-breaking spaces
+             (Unicode 00A0). Thanks to Timur Yarosh.
+o LANG-804:  Redundant check for zero in HashCodeBuilder ctor. Thanks to 
+             Allon Mureinik.
+o LANG-884:  Simplify FastDateFormat; eliminate boxing.
+o LANG-882:  LookupTranslator now works with implementations of CharSequence
+             other than String.
+o LANG-846:  Provide CharSequenceUtils.regionMatches with a proper green
+             implementation instead of inefficiently converting to Strings.
+o LANG-839:  ArrayUtils removeElements methods use unnecessary HashSet.
+o LANG-838:  ArrayUtils removeElements methods clone temporary index arrays
+             unnecessarily.
+o LANG-799:  DateUtils#parseDate uses default locale; add Locale support.
+o LANG-798:  Use generics in SerializationUtils.
+o Fixed URLs in javadoc to point to new pages
+                        Release Notes for version 3.1
+o LANG-801:  Add Conversion utility to convert between data types on byte level
+o LANG-760:  Add API StringUtils.toString(byte[] intput, String charsetName)
+o LANG-756:  Add APIs ClassUtils.isPrimitiveWrapper(Class<?>) and 
+             isPrimitiveOrWrapper(Class<?>)
+o LANG-695:  SystemUtils.IS_OS_UNIX doesn't recognize FreeBSD as a Unix system
+o LANG-749:  Incorrect Bundle-SymbolicName in Manifest
+o LANG-746:  NumberUtils does not handle upper-case hex: 0X and -0X
+o LANG-744:  StringUtils throws on Google
+             App Engine
+o LANG-741:  Ant build has wrong
+o LANG-698:  Document that the Mutable numbers don't work as expected with
+             String.format
+o LANG-758:  Add an example with whitespace in StringUtils.defaultIfEmpty
+o LANG-752:  Fix createLong() so it behaves like createInteger()
+o LANG-751:  Include the actual type in the Validate.isInstance and
+             isAssignableFrom exception messages
+o LANG-748:  Deprecating chomp(String, String)
+o LANG-736:  CharUtils static final array CHAR_STRING is not needed to compute
+             CHAR_STRING_ARRAY
+                        Release Notes for version 3.0
+o LANG-276:  MutableBigDecimal and MutableBigInteger.
+o LANG-285:  Wish : method unaccent.
+o LANG-358:  ObjectUtils.coalesce.
+o LANG-386:  LeftOf/RightOfNumber in Range convenience methods necessary.
+o LANG-435:  Add ClassUtils.isAssignable() variants with autoboxing.
+o LANG-444:  StringUtils.emptyToNull.
+o LANG-482:  Enhance StrSubstitutor to support nested ${var-${subvr}} expansion
+o LANG-482:  StrSubstitutor now supports substitution in variable names.
+o LANG-496:  A generic implementation of the Lazy initialization pattern.
+o LANG-497:  Addition of ContextedException and ContextedRuntimeException.
+o LANG-498:  Add StringEscapeUtils.escapeText() methods.
+o LANG-499:  Add support for the handling of ExecutionExceptions.
+o LANG-501:  Add support for background initialization.
+o LANG-529:  Add a concurrent package.
+o LANG-533:  Validate: support for validating blank strings.
+o LANG-537:  Add ArrayUtils.toArray to create generic arrays.
+o LANG-545:  Add ability to create a Future for a constant.
+o LANG-546:  Add methods to Validate to check whether the index is valid for
+             the array/list/string.
+o LANG-553:  Add TypeUtils class to provide utility code for working with generic
+             types.
+o LANG-559:  Added isAssignableFrom and isInstanceOf validation methods.
+o LANG-559:  Added validState validation method.
+o LANG-560:  New TimedSemaphore class.
+o LANG-582:  Provide an implementation of the ThreadFactory interface.
+o LANG-588:  Create a basic Pair<L, R> class.
+o LANG-594:  DateUtils equal & compare functions up to most significant field.
+o LANG-601:  Add Builder Interface / Update Builders to Implement It.
+o LANG-609:  Support lazy initialization using atomic variables
+o LANG-610:  Extend exception handling in ConcurrentUtils to runtime exceptions.
+o LANG-614:  StringUtils.endsWithAny method
+o LANG-640:  Add normalizeSpace to StringUtils
+o LANG-644:  Provide documentation about the new concurrent package
+o LANG-649:  BooleanUtils.toBooleanObject to support single character input
+o LANG-651:  Add AnnotationUtils
+o LANG-653:  Provide a very basic ConcurrentInitializer implementation
+o LANG-655:  Add StringUtils.defaultIfBlank()
+o LANG-667:  Add a Null-safe compare() method to ObjectUtils
+o LANG-676:  Documented potential NPE if auto-boxing occurs for some BooleanUtils
+             methods
+o LANG-678:  Add support for ConcurrentMap.putIfAbsent()
+o LANG-692:  Add hashCodeMulti varargs method
+o LANG-697:  Add FormattableUtils class
+o LANG-684:  Levenshtein Distance Within a Given Threshold
+o LANG-438:  Remove @deprecateds.
+o LANG-492:  Remove code handled now by the JDK.
+o LANG-493:  Remove code that does not hold enough value to remain.
+o LANG-590:  Remove JDK 1.2/1.3 bug handling in 
+             StringUtils.indexOf(String, String, int).
+o LANG-673:  WordUtils.abbreviate() removed
+o LANG-691:  Removed DateUtils.UTC_TIME_ZONE
+o LANG-290:  EnumUtils for JDK 5.0.
+o LANG-336:  Finally start using generics.
+o LANG-355:  StrBuilder should implement CharSequence and Appendable.
+o LANG-396:  Investigate for vararg usages.
+o LANG-424:  Improve Javadoc for StringUtils class.
+o LANG-458:  Refactor to eliminate code redundancy.
+o LANG-479:  Document where in SVN trunk is.
+o LANG-504:  bring ArrayUtils.isEmpty to the generics world.
+o LANG-505:  Rewrite StringEscapeUtils.
+o LANG-507:  StringEscapeUtils.unescapeJava should support \u+ notation.
+o LANG-510:  Convert StringUtils API to take CharSequence.
+o LANG-513:  Better EnumUtils.
+o LANG-528:  Mutable classes should implement an appropriately typed Mutable
+             interface.
+o LANG-539:  Compile commons.lang for CDC 1.1/Foundation 1.1.
+o LANG-540:  Make NumericEntityEscaper immutable.
+o LANG-541:  Replace StringBuffer with StringBuilder.
+o LANG-548:  Use Iterable on API instead of Collection.
+o LANG-551:  Replace Range classes with generic version.
+o LANG-562:  Change Maven groupId.
+o LANG-563:  Change Java package name.
+o LANG-570:  Do the test cases really still require main() and suite() methods?
+o LANG-579:  Add new Validate methods.
+o LANG-599:  ClassUtils.getClass(): Allow Dots as Inner Class Separators.
+o LANG-605:  DefaultExceptionContext overwrites values in recursive situations.
+o LANG-668:  Change ObjectUtils min() & max() functions to use varargs rather
+             than just two parameters
+o LANG-681:  Push down WordUtils to "text" sub-package.
+o LANG-711:  Add includeantruntime=false to javac targets to quell warnings in
+             ant 1.8.1 and better (and modest performance gain).
+o LANG-713:  Increase test coverage of FieldUtils read methods and tweak
+             javadoc.
+o LANG-718:  build.xml Java 1.5+ updates.
+o LANG-11:   Depend on JDK 1.5+.
+o LANG-302:  StrBuilder does not implement clone().
+o LANG-339:  StringEscapeUtils.escapeHtml() escapes multibyte characters like
+             Chinese, Japanese, etc.
+o LANG-369:  ExceptionUtils not thread-safe.
+o LANG-418:  Javadoc incorrect for StringUtils.endsWithIgnoreCase.
+o LANG-428:  StringUtils.isAlpha, isAlphanumeric and isNumeric now return false
+             for ""
+o LANG-439:  StringEscapeUtils.escapeHTML() does not escape chars (0x00-0x20).
+o LANG-448:  Lower Ascii Characters don't get encoded by
+o LANG-468:  JDK 1.5 build/runtime failure on LANG-393 (EqualsBuilder).
+o LANG-474:  Fixes for thread safety.
+o LANG-478:  StopWatch does not resist to system time changes.
+o LANG-480:  StringEscapeUtils.escapeHtml incorrectly converts unicode
+             characters above U+00FFFF into 2 characters.
+o LANG-481:  Possible race-conditions in hashCode of the range classes.
+o LANG-564:  Improve StrLookup API documentation.
+o LANG-568:  @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") is used too generally.
+o LANG-571:  ArrayUtils.add(T[:  array, T element) can create unexpected
+             ClassCastException.
+o LANG-585:  exception.DefaultExceptionContext.getFormattedExceptionMessage
+             catches Throwable.
+o LANG-596:  StrSubstitutor should also handle the default properties of a
+             java.util.Properties class
+o LANG-600:  Javadoc is incorrect for public static int 
+             lastIndexOf(String str, String searchStr).
+o LANG-602:  ContextedRuntimeException no longer an 'unchecked' exception.
+o LANG-606:  EqualsBuilder causes StackOverflowException.
+o LANG-608:  Some StringUtils methods should take an int character instead of
+             char to use String API features.
+o LANG-617:  StringEscapeUtils.escapeXML() can't process UTF-16 supplementary
+             characters
+o LANG-624:  SystemUtils.getJavaVersionAsFloat throws 
+             StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on Android runtime/Dalvik VM
+o LANG-629:  Charset may not be threadsafe, because the HashSet is not synch.
+o LANG-638:  NumberUtils createNumber throws a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
+             when argument containing "e" and "E" is passed in
+o LANG-643:  Javadoc StringUtils.left() claims to throw on negative len, but
+             doesn't
+o LANG-645:  FastDateFormat.format() outputs incorrect week of year because
+             locale isn't respected
+o LANG-646:  StringEscapeUtils.unescapeJava doesn't handle octal escapes and
+             Unicode with extra u
+o LANG-656:  Example StringUtils.indexOfAnyBut("zzabyycdxx", '') = 0 incorrect
+o LANG-658:  Some Entitys like &Ouml; are not matched properly against its
+             ISO8859-1 representation
+o LANG-659:  EntityArrays typo: {"\u2122", "&minus;"}, // minus sign, U+2212
+             ISOtech
+o LANG-66:   StringEscaper.escapeXml() escapes characters > 0x7f.
+o LANG-662:  org.apache.commons.lang3.math.Fraction does not reduce
+             (Integer.MIN_VALUE, 2^k)
+o LANG-663:  org.apache.commons.lang3.math.Fraction does not always succeed in
+             multiplyBy and divideBy
+o LANG-664:  NumberUtils.isNumber(String) is not right when the String is
+             "1.1L"
+o LANG-672:  Doc bug in DateUtils#ceiling
+o LANG-677:  DateUtils.isSameLocalTime compares using 12 hour clock and not
+             24 hour
+o LANG-685:  EqualsBuilder synchronizes on HashCodeBuilder.
+o LANG-703:  StringUtils.join throws NPE when toString returns null for one of
+             objects in collection
+o LANG-710:  StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when calling unescapeHtml4("&#03")
+o LANG-714:  StringUtils doc/comment spelling fixes.
+o LANG-715:  CharSetUtils.squeeze() speedup.
+o LANG-716:  swapCase and *capitalize speedups.
+Historical list of changes:
+For complete information on Commons Lang, including instructions on how to
+submit bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the 
+Apache Commons Lang website:
+Have fun!
+-Apache Commons Lang team

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    svn:eol-style = native

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+Version: GnuPG v1

Added: dev/commons/lang/binaries/commons-lang3-3.3.1-bin.tar.gz.md5
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Added: dev/commons/lang/binaries/commons-lang3-3.3.1-bin.tar.gz.sha1
--- dev/commons/lang/binaries/commons-lang3-3.3.1-bin.tar.gz.sha1 (added)
+++ dev/commons/lang/binaries/commons-lang3-3.3.1-bin.tar.gz.sha1 Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
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+Version: GnuPG v1

Added: dev/commons/lang/binaries/
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\ No newline at end of file

Added: dev/commons/lang/binaries/
--- dev/commons/lang/binaries/ (added)
+++ dev/commons/lang/binaries/ Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
\ No newline at end of file

Added: dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz
    svn:mime-type = application/x-gzip

Added: dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz.asc
--- dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz.asc (added)
+++ dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz.asc Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+Version: GnuPG v1

Added: dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz.md5
--- dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz.md5 (added)
+++ dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz.md5 Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
\ No newline at end of file

Added: dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz.sha1
--- dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz.sha1 (added)
+++ dev/commons/lang/source/commons-lang3-3.3.1-src.tar.gz.sha1 Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
\ No newline at end of file

Added: dev/commons/lang/source/
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: dev/commons/lang/source/
    svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream

Added: dev/commons/lang/source/
--- dev/commons/lang/source/ (added)
+++ dev/commons/lang/source/ Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+Version: GnuPG v1

Added: dev/commons/lang/source/
--- dev/commons/lang/source/ (added)
+++ dev/commons/lang/source/ Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
\ No newline at end of file

Added: dev/commons/lang/source/
--- dev/commons/lang/source/ (added)
+++ dev/commons/lang/source/ Sat Mar 15 12:59:46 2014
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
\ No newline at end of file

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