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Subject svn commit: r1575664 - in /commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1: ./ RELEASE-NOTES.txt pom.xml src/site/site.xml src/site/xdoc/download_compress.xml src/site/xdoc/index.xml
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2014 06:06:15 GMT
Author: bodewig
Date: Sun Mar  9 06:06:15 2014
New Revision: 1575664

Creating Compress 1.8 RC1 tag

    commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/   (props changed)
      - copied from r1575663, commons/proper/compress/trunk/

Propchange: commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/
--- subclipse:tags (added)
+++ subclipse:tags Sun Mar  9 06:06:15 2014
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@

Propchange: commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/
--- svn:ignore (added)
+++ svn:ignore Sun Mar  9 06:06:15 2014
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@

Propchange: commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/
--- svn:mergeinfo (added)
+++ svn:mergeinfo Sun Mar  9 06:06:15 2014
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@

Modified: commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
+++ commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Sun Mar  9 06:06:15 2014
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-              Apache Commons Compress 1.7 RELEASE NOTES
+              Apache Commons Compress 1.8 RELEASE NOTES
 The Commons Compress team is pleased to announce the
-commons-compress-1.7 release!
+commons-compress-1.8 release!
 Apache Commons Compress software defines an API for working with
 compression and archive formats.  These include: bzip2, gzip, pack200,
@@ -11,37 +11,55 @@ zip, dump, 7z, arj.
 Changes in this version include:
 New features:
-o Read-Only support for Snappy compression.
-  Issue: COMPRESS-147. Thanks to BELUGA BEHR.
-o Read-Only support for .Z compressed files.
-  Issue: COMPRESS-243. Thanks to Damjan Jovanovic.
-o ZipFile and ZipArchiveInputStream now support reading entries
-  compressed using the SHRINKING method. Thanks to Damjan Jovanovic.
-o GzipCompressorOutputStream now supports setting the compression
-  level and the header metadata (filename, comment, modification time,
-  operating system and extra flags)
-  Issue: COMPRESS-250. Thanks to Emmanuel Bourg.
-o ZipFile and ZipArchiveInputStream now support reading entries
-  compressed using the IMPLODE method.
-  Issue: COMPRESS-115. Thanks to Emmanuel Bourg.
-o ZipFile and the 7z file classes now implement Closeable and can be
-  used in try-with-resources constructs.
+o GzipCompressorInputStream now provides access to the same
+  metadata that can be provided via GzipParameters when writing
+  a gzip stream.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-260. 
+o SevenZOutputFile now supports chaining multiple
+  compression/encryption/filter methods and passing options to
+  the methods.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-266. 
+o The (compression) method(s) can now be specified per entry in
+  SevenZOutputFile.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-261. 
+o SevenZArchiveEntry "knows" which method(s) have been used to
+  write it to the archive.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-258. 
+o The 7z package now supports the delta filter as method. 
+o The 7z package now supports BCJ filters for several platforms.
+  You will need a version >= 1.5 of XZ for Java to read archives
+  using BCJ, though.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-257. 
 Fixed Bugs:
-o SevenZOutputFile#closeArchiveEntry throws an exception when using
-  LZMA2 compression on Java8.  Issue: COMPRESS-241.
-o 7z reading of big 64bit values could be wrong.
-  Issue: COMPRESS-244. Thanks to Nico Kruber.
-o TarArchiveInputStream could fail to read an archive completely.
-  Issue: COMPRESS-245.
-o The time-setters in X5455_ExtendedTimestamp now set the
-  corresponding flags explicitly - i.e. they set the bit if the valus
-  is not-null and reset it otherwise.  This may cause
-  incompatibilities if you use setFlags to unset a bit and later set
-  the time to a non-null value - the flag will now be set.
-  Issue: COMPRESS-242.
-o SevenZOutputFile would create invalid archives if more than six
-  empty files or directories were included.  Issue: COMPRESS-252.
+o BZip2CompressorInputStream read fewer bytes than possible from
+  a truncated stream.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-253. 
+o SevenZFile failed claiming the dictionary was too large when
+  archives used LZMA compression for headers and content and
+  certain non-default dictionary sizes.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-253. 
+o CompressorStreamFactory.createCompressorInputStream with
+  explicit compression did not honor decompressConcatenated
+  Issue: COMPRESS-259. 
+o TarArchiveInputStream will now read archives created by tar
+  implementations that encode big numbers by not adding a
+  trailing NUL.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-262. 
+o ZipArchiveInputStream would return NUL bytes for the first 512
+  bytes of a STORED entry if it was the very first entry of the
+  archive.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-264. 
+o When writing PAX/POSIX headers for TAR entries with
+  backslashes or certain non-ASCII characters in their name
+  TarArchiveOutputStream could fail.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-265. 
+o ArchiveStreamFactory now throws a StreamingNotSupported - a
+  new subclass of ArchiveException - if it is asked to read from
+  or write to a stream and Commons Compress doesn't support
+  streaming for the format.  This currently only applies to the
+  7z format.
+  Issue: COMPRESS-267. 
 For complete information on Commons Compress, including instructions
 on how to submit bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement,

Modified: commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/pom.xml
--- commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/pom.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/pom.xml Sun Mar  9 06:06:15 2014
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
-  <version>1.8-SNAPSHOT</version>
+  <version>1.8</version>
   <name>Apache Commons Compress</name>
   <!-- The description is not indented to make it look better in the release notes -->
@@ -132,9 +132,9 @@ These include: bzip2, gzip, pack200, lzm
-    <connection>scm:svn:</connection>
-    <developerConnection>scm:svn:</developerConnection>
-    <url></url>
+    <connection>scm:svn:</connection>
+    <developerConnection>scm:svn:</developerConnection>
+    <url></url>

Modified: commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/src/site/site.xml
--- commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/src/site/site.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/src/site/site.xml Sun Mar  9 06:06:15 2014
@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@
       <item name="Download"    href="/download_compress.cgi"/>
       <item name="Security Reports"    href="/security.html"/>
       <item name="Wiki"        href=""/>
+      <item name="Javadoc 1.8" href="javadocs/api-1.8/index.html"/>
       <item name="Javadoc 1.7" href="javadocs/api-1.7/index.html"/>
       <item name="Javadoc 1.6" href="javadocs/api-1.6/index.html"/>
       <item name="Javadoc SVN latest" href="apidocs/index.html"/>

Modified: commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/src/site/xdoc/download_compress.xml
--- commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/src/site/xdoc/download_compress.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/src/site/xdoc/download_compress.xml Sun
Mar  9 06:06:15 2014
@@ -95,32 +95,32 @@ limitations under the License.
-    <section name="Commons Compress 1.7 ">
+    <section name="Commons Compress 1.8 ">
       <subsection name="Binaries">
-              <td><a href="[preferred]/commons/compress/binaries/commons-compress-1.7-bin.tar.gz">commons-compress-1.7-bin.tar.gz</a></td>
-              <td><a href="">md5</a></td>
-              <td><a href="">pgp</a></td>
+              <td><a href="[preferred]/commons/compress/binaries/commons-compress-1.8-bin.tar.gz">commons-compress-1.8-bin.tar.gz</a></td>
+              <td><a href="">md5</a></td>
+              <td><a href="">pgp</a></td>
-              <td><a href="[preferred]/commons/compress/binaries/"></a></td>
-              <td><a href="">md5</a></td>
-              <td><a href="">pgp</a></td>
+              <td><a href="[preferred]/commons/compress/binaries/"></a></td>
+              <td><a href="">md5</a></td>
+              <td><a href="">pgp</a></td>
       <subsection name="Source">
-              <td><a href="[preferred]/commons/compress/source/commons-compress-1.7-src.tar.gz">commons-compress-1.7-src.tar.gz</a></td>
-              <td><a href="">md5</a></td>
-              <td><a href="">pgp</a></td>
+              <td><a href="[preferred]/commons/compress/source/commons-compress-1.8-src.tar.gz">commons-compress-1.8-src.tar.gz</a></td>
+              <td><a href="">md5</a></td>
+              <td><a href="">pgp</a></td>
-              <td><a href="[preferred]/commons/compress/source/"></a></td>
-              <td><a href="">md5</a></td>
-              <td><a href="">pgp</a></td>
+              <td><a href="[preferred]/commons/compress/source/"></a></td>
+              <td><a href="">md5</a></td>
+              <td><a href="">pgp</a></td>

Modified: commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/src/site/xdoc/index.xml
--- commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/src/site/xdoc/index.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/compress/tags/COMPRESS-1.8-RC1/src/site/xdoc/index.xml Sun Mar  9 06:06:15
@@ -51,20 +51,13 @@
         <section name="Status">
-          <p>The current release is 1.7 and requires Java 5.</p>
+          <p>The current release is 1.8 and requires Java 5.</p>
           <p>Below we highlight some new features, for a full list
           of changes see the <a href="changes-report.html">Changes
-          <subsection name="What's new in 1.7?">
-            <ul>
-              <li>Read-only support for the Snappy compression.</li>
-              <li>Read-only support for the traditional Unix compress
-              format used for <code>.Z</code> files.</li>
-            </ul>
-          </subsection>
-          <subsection name="What's coming in 1.8?">
+          <subsection name="What's new in 1.8?">
               <li>Bug fixes to the tar, zip and 7z packages</li>
               <li>Access to metadata when reading gzip streams</li>
@@ -73,6 +66,8 @@
               important filter methods used in 7z archives.</li>
+          <!--subsection name="What's coming in 1.9?">
+          </subsection-->
         <section name="Documentation">
@@ -90,14 +85,14 @@
             by the <code>java.util.jar</code> package of the Java
             class library.  XZ and lzma support is provided by the public
             domain <a href="">XZ for
-            Java</a> library.  As of Commons Compress 1.7 support for
+            Java</a> library.  As of Commons Compress 1.8 support for
             the lzma, Z and Snappy formats is read-only.</p>
           <p>The ar, arj, cpio, dump, tar, 7z and zip formats are supported as
             archivers where the <a href="zip.html">zip</a>
             implementation provides capabilities that go beyond the
             features found in  As of Commons Compress
-            1.7 support for the dump and arj formats is
+            1.8 support for the dump and arj formats is
             read-only - 7z can read most compressed and encrypted
             archives but only write unencrypted ones.  LZMA(2) support
             in 7z requires <a href="">XZ for

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