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Subject svn commit: r1498184 - in /commons/proper/collections/trunk/src/site: site.xml xdoc/release_4_0.xml
Date Sun, 30 Jun 2013 21:12:31 GMT
Author: tn
Date: Sun Jun 30 21:12:31 2013
New Revision: 1498184

Added release notes for site.

    commons/proper/collections/trunk/src/site/xdoc/release_4_0.xml   (with props)

Modified: commons/proper/collections/trunk/src/site/site.xml
--- commons/proper/collections/trunk/src/site/site.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/collections/trunk/src/site/site.xml Sun Jun 30 21:12:31 2013
@@ -28,8 +28,9 @@
             <item name="Download"      href="/download_collections.cgi"/>
             <item name="Users guide"   href="/userguide.html"/>
             <item name="History"       href="/history.html"/>
-            <item name="Javadoc (4.0 release)" href="/javadocs/api-release/index.html"/>
-            <item name="Javadoc (3.2.1 release)" href="/javadocs/api-3.2.1/index.html"/>
+            <item name="Release Notes v4.0" href="/release_4_0.html"/>
+            <item name="Javadoc v4.0"       href="/javadocs/api-release/index.html"/>
+            <item name="Javadoc v3.2.1"     href="/javadocs/api-3.2.1/index.html"/>
         <menu name="Development">

Added: commons/proper/collections/trunk/src/site/xdoc/release_4_0.xml
--- commons/proper/collections/trunk/src/site/xdoc/release_4_0.xml (added)
+++ commons/proper/collections/trunk/src/site/xdoc/release_4_0.xml Sun Jun 30 21:12:31 2013
@@ -0,0 +1,266 @@
+<?xml version="1.0"?>
+Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
+contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
+this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
+The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
+(the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
+the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
+Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
+limitations under the License.
+ <properties>
+  <title>Release notes for v4.0-alpha1</title>
+  <author email="">Commons Documentation Team</author>
+ </properties>
+<section name="Release notes for v4.0-alpha1">
+These are the release notes for Commons Collections v4.0-alpha1:
+<hr />
+Commons collections is a project to develop and maintain collection classes based on and
+by the JDK collection framework.
+This version uses the generics features of Java 5 and is not compatible with earlier JDK
+The process of generifying an API is complex.
+For commons-collections, we have chosen to break the API in various ways.
+The aim behind this is to provide an API design that better suits generics.
+We have also removed all deprecated classes and fixed oddities in the previous
+API that we couldn't fix due to backwards compatibility restrictions.
+As such, this release can not be considered to be a simple, drop-in, replacement
+for commons-collections. To help with the migration to this new version, the
+package has changed to "org.apache.commons.collections4", thus it is possible
+to have both commons-collections versions in the classpath.
+These release notes will try to guide you in the process of upgrading, however you
+should remember that this is a new API based on the original, so some concepts
+have changed.
+<hr />
+This release is <b>not</b> source or binary compatible with v3.x.
+<center><h3>Major changes since 3.2.1</h3></center>
+<li>Use of generics and other language features introduced in Java 5 (varargs, Iterable)</li>
+<li>Removed deprecated classes / methods and features which are now supported by the
+<li>Replaced Buffer interface with java.util.Queue</li>
+<li>Added concept of split maps with respective interfaces Put / Get (see also package
+<li>Added new Trie interface together with an implementation of a Patricia Trie</li>
+<center><h3>Removed Classes</h3></center>
+<li>Removed unused class "AbstractUntypedCollectionDecorator"</li>
+<li>Removed "Buffer" interface and all its implementations and related classes.
+    Replaced by "java.util.Queue", see also section [New classes]
+   <ul>
+   <li>PriorityBuffer: use either java.util.PriorityQueue or java.util.concurrent.PriorityBlockingQueue</li>
+   <li>SynchronizedBuffer: use the corresponding *BlockingQueue classes in java.util.concurrent</li>
+   <li>BoundedBuffer: use either ArrayBlockingBuffer(capacity) or LinkedBlockingBuffer(capacity)
in java.util.concurrent</li>
+   <li>UnboundedFifoBuffer: use either java.util.LinkedList or java.util.concurrent.LinkedBlockingBuffer</li>
+   </ul>
+<li>Removed features now supported by the JDK
+  <ul>
+  <li>FastArrayList: use java.util.concurrent.CopyOnWriteArrayList</li>
+  <li>FastHashMap: use java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap, but beware of null keys
and values</li>
+  <li>FastTreeSet: no direct replacement, use ConcurrentHashMap or a synchronized TreeMap</li>
+  <li>IdentityMap: use java.util.IdentityHashMap</li>
+  <li>ExtendedProperties: use commons-configuration</li>
+  <li>Synchronized[List,Set,SortedSet]: use java.util.Collections.synchronized*()</li>
+  <li>Typed* decorators: use generics for type safety, or java.util.Collections.checked*()</li>
+  <li>[List,Set,Map]Utils.EMPTY_*: use the corresponding fields in java.util.Collections</li>
+  </ul>
+<li>Removed deprecated collection classes and methods</li>
+<center><h3>New Classes</h3></center>
+<li>CompliantBag - decorates another Bag to make it comply with the Collection contract.</li>
+<li>PushbackIterator - supports pushback of elements during iteration. Thanks to Andy
Seaborne, Claude Warren.</li>
+<li>PeekingIterator - supports one-element lookahead during iteration. Thanks to Andy
Seaborne, Claude Warren.</li>
+<li>CircularFifoQueue - analogous class to CircularFifoBuffer for the Queue interface</li>
+<li>PredicatedQueue - analogous class to PredicatedBuffer</li>
+<li>TransformedQueue - analogous class to TransformedBuffer</li>
+<li>UnmodifiableQueue - analogous class to UnmodifiableBuffer</li>
+<li>QueueUtils - analogous class to BufferUtils</li>
+<li>PermutationIterator - generates unordered permutations of a collection. Thanks
to Benoit Corne.</li>
+<li>SequencesComparator - an implementation of Eugene Myers difference algorithm in
package o.a.c.c.sequence. Thanks to Jordane Sarda.</li>
+<li>LazyIteratorChain - a variant of IteratorChain which supports lazy initialization.
Thanks to Jeff Rodriguez.</li>
+<li>NodeListIterator - supports iteration over a org.w3c.dom.NodeList. Thanks to Thomas
+<li>CatchAndRethrowClosure - re-throws any checked exception as unchecked "FunctorException".
Thanks to David J. M. Karlsen.</li>
+<li>IndexedCollection - collection decorator which provides a map-like view on an existing
collection. Thanks to Stephen Kestle.</li>
+<li>DualLinkedHashBidiMap - bidi map implementation using LinkedHashMap instances.
Thanks to Nathan Blomquist.</li>
+<li>Equator - interface for testing object equality.</li>
+<li>PassiveExpiringMap - map decorator which passively expires entries. Thanks to Elifarley
Callado Coelho.</li>
+<li>PatriciaTrie - PATRICIA trie implementation for the new Trie interface, together
with Unmodifiable and Synchronized decorators. Thanks to Sam Berlin and Roger Kapsi.</li>
+<li>ComparatorPredicate - predicate to compare objects against a fixed instance. Thanks
to Rune Peter Bjørnstad.</li>
+<li>Put / Get - interfaces for split maps</li>
+<li>SplitMapUtils / splitmap.TransformedSplitMap - utilities and implementation for
split maps</li>
+<li>ListUtils#longestCommonSubsequence(...) to get the longest common subsequence of
arbitrary lists or CharSequences.</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils#forAllButLastDo(Collection, Closure) and forAllButLastDo(Iterator,
Closure). Thanks to J. Moldawski.</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils#isEqualCollection(Collection, Collection, Equator). Thanks to Matt
+<li>*Utils#emptyIfNull(*) methods in classes CollectionUtils, ListUtils, SetUtils and
MapUtils. Thanks to Arman Sharif.</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils#containsAll(Collection, Collection) with guaranteed runtime complexity
of O(n + m) and space complexity of O(n). This method may yield much better performance than
Collection.containsAll(Collection) depending on the use-case and type of collection used.
Thanks to Adrian Nistor, Mert Guldur.</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils#permutations(Collection) to generate all permutations of a collection.
Thanks to Benoit Corne.</li> 
+<li>ListUtils#select() and ListUtils#selectRejected() methods. Thanks to Adam Dyga.</li>
+<li>ListUtils#partition() to split a List into consecutive sublists. Thanks to Chris
+<li>CollectionUtils#forAllDo(Iterator, Closure). Thanks to Adrian Cumiskey.</li>
+<li>ListUtils#defaultIfNull(List, List). Thanks to Ivan Hristov.</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils#filterInverse(Iterable, Predicate). Thanks to Jean-Noel Rouvignac.</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils#subtract(Iterable, Iterable, Predicate). Thanks to Chris Shayan.</li>
+<li>CollectionUtils#collate(...) to merge two sorted Collections using the standard
O(n) merge algorithm. Thanks to Julius Davies.</li>  
+<li>CollectionUtils#extractSingleton(Collection). Thanks to Geoffrey De Smet.</li>
+<li>MapUtils#populateMap(MultiMap, ...) to support also "MultiMap" instances as input.
Thanks to John Hunsley.</li>
+<li>ListUtils#indexOf(List, Predicate). Thanks to Nathan Egge.</li>
+<li>MapUtils#populateMap(Map, Iterable, Transformer, ...). Thanks to Dave Meikle.</li>
+<li>Added new method "get(int)" to "CircularFifoQueue". Thanks to Sebb.</li>
+<li>Added serialVersionUID fields for "CompositeCollection", "CompositeSet", "EmptyMapMutator",
"EmptySetMutator". Thanks to sebb.</li> 
+<li>Added support for using custom "Equator" objects in "EqualPredicate". Thanks to
Stephen Kestle.</li>
+<li>Added method "CollatingIterator#getIteratorIndex()". Thanks to Fredrik Kjellberg.</li>
+<li>Added serialization support for "TreeBidiMap". Thanks to Christian Gruenberg.</li>
+<li>Added serialization support for "FixedOrderComparator" and "TransformingComparator".
Thanks to Chaitanya Mutyala.</li>
+<li>Added constructor "TransformingComparator(Transformer)". Thanks to Stephen Kestle.</li>
+<li>Added method "MultiValueMap#iterator()" to return a flattened version of "entrySet().iterator()".
Clarified javadoc for "entrySet()" that the returned Entry objects are unflattened, i.e. the
Entry object for a given key contains all values mapped to this key. Thanks to Nils Kaiser,
Alan Mehlo.</li>
+<li>Added method "ListOrderedMap#putAll(int, Map)". Thanks to Vasily Ivanov.</li>
+<li>Added support for resettable iterators in "IteratorIterable". Thanks to Dusan Chromy.</li>
+<center><h3>Changed classes / methods</h3></center>
+<li>Made field "collection" in class "AbstractCollectionDecorator" private and added
setter "setCollection(Collection)" with scope protected to set the decorated collection during
+<li>Replaced "Collection" with "Iterable" for method arguments where applicable.</li>
+<li>Changed "IteratorChain" to use internally a "Queue" instead of a "List". Iterators
are removed from the queue once used and can be garbage collected after being exhausted. Additionally
removed the methods "setIterator(Iterator)" and "getIterators()".</li>
+<li>Removed method "setArray(Object)" in class ArrayIterator and method "setArray(Object[])"
in class ObjectArrayIterator and made fields array, startIndex and endIndex final and package
+<li>Changed scope of various fields to private / package private where appropriate.</li>
+<li>An iterator over a "Flat3Map#entrySet()" will now return independent Map.Entry
objects that will not change anymore when the iterator progresses.</li>
+<li>Several closure and transformer implementations in the functor package will now
copy an array as input parameter to their constructor (e.g. ChainedClosure).</li>
+<li>Change base package to "org.apache.commons.collections4".</li>
+<li>The constructors for all *Utils classes are now private to prevent instantiation.</li>
+<li>"CompositeSet" does not inherit from "CompositeCollection" anymore. The inner class
"SetMutator" has been updated accordingly. Thanks to Michael Pradel.</li>
+<li>Change maven coordinates to "org.apache.commons.commons-collections4". Thanks to
Olivier Lamy.</li>
+<li>Move the project structure to a standard maven layout. Thanks to Olivier Lamy.</li>
+<li>TransformingComparator now supports different types for its input/output values.</li>
+<li>"CollectionUtils#filter(Iterable, Predicate)" will now return whether the collection
has been modified. Thanks to Jean-Noel Rouvignac.</li>
+<li>"NOPClosure" is now a final class. Thanks to Goran Hacek.</li>
+<li>Fields transformer and decorated in class "TransformingComparator" are now final.
Thanks to sebb.</li>
+<li>"SetUniqueList#subList()" will now return an unmodifiable list as changes to it
may invalidate the parent list. Thanks to Christian Semrau, Thomas Vahrst.</li>
+<li>Calling "CollectionUtils#sizeIsEmpty(null)" will now return true. Thanks to Benjamin
+<li>The predicate that rejected an object to be added to a "PredicatedCollection" is
now contained in the respective exception message. Thanks to Chris Lewis.</li>
+<li>"TreeBag" will now only accept "Comparable" objects as input when used with natural
ordering. Thanks to David Saff.</li>
+<li>The static factory methods have been renamed from "getInstance()" to a camel-case
version of the class name, e.g. "truePredicate()" for class "TruePredicate". Thanks to Stephen
+<li>"MultiValueMap" is now serializable. Thanks to Wouter de Vaal.</li>
+<li>Return concrete class in static factory methods instead of base class interface
(except for Unmodifiable decorators). Thanks to Torsten Curdt.</li>
+<li>"CollectionUtils#size(Collection)" now returns 0 when called with null as input.
Thanks to Stepan Koltsov,sebb.</li>
+<li>"CollectionUtils#addAll(...)" methods now return if the collection has been changed
by this operation. Thanks to Vasily Ivanov.</li>
+<li>"CompositeCollection", "CompositeMap" and "CompositeSet" are now serializable.
Thanks to Pal Denes.</li>
+<li>The "CollectionUtils#select(Collection, Predicate, Collection)" method will now
return the output collection.</li>
+<li>"CollectionUtils#forAllDo(Collection, Closure)" now returns the provided closure.
Thanks to Jim Cakalic.</li>
+<li>Make generic versions of all classes in collections.</li>
+<li>Switch Abstract*Decorator classes to expose decorated() protected method instead
of the decorated collection directly. Each class overrides decorated() to add its type covariantly,
thus getList()/getSet() etc. methods are removed</li>
+<li>ArrayStack is now deprecated and will be removed in the next major release. It
is replaced by the java.util.Deque interface available from Java 6.</li>
+<li>ListOrderedMap#putAll(index, Object, Object) does not throw an exception anymore
if the map contains null values. Additionally added javadoc clarification on the supported
bounds for the index parameter. Thanks to Ning Chen.</li>
+<li>Improved performance of "AbstractMapBag#containsAll(Collection)" by returning immediately
after a difference has been found. Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li>
+<li>Added additional clarification to javadoc of interface "Put" wrt return type of
"put(Object, Object)" method. Thanks to Matt Benson, sebb.</li>
+<li>Tree traversal with a TreeListIterator will not be affected anymore by the removal
of an element directly after a call to previous(). Thanks to Jeffrey Barnes.</li>
+<li>Adapt and/or ignore several unit tests when run on a IBM J9 VM (specification version
1.6.0) due to a faulty "java.util.TreeMap" implementation.</li>
+<li>SetUniqueList.set(int, E) now works correctly if the object to be inserted is already
placed at the given position. Thanks to Thomas Vahrst, John Vasileff.</li>
+<li>MultiKeyMap.clone() now correctly calls super.clone(). Thanks to Thomas Vahrst.</li>

+<li>Improve performance of "TreeList#addAll" and "TreeList(Collection)" by converting
the input collection into an AVL tree and efficiently merge it into the existing tree. Thanks
to Jeffrey Barnes.</li> 
+<li>Fixed performance issue in "SetUniqueList#retainAll" method for large collections.
Thanks to Mert Guldur.</li> 
+<li>Fixed performance issue in "ListOrderedSet#retainAll" method for large collections.
Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li>
+<li>Improved performance of "ListOrderedMap#remove(Object)" method. Thanks to Adrian
+<li>Update javadoc for "ListUtils#lazyList()" and "ListUtils#fixedSizeList()". Thanks
to Benedikt Ritter.</li> 
+<li>Added clarifying javadoc wrt runtime complexity of "AbstractDualBidiMap#retainAll".
Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li> 
+<li>Added clarifying javadoc wrt runtime complexity of "AbstractLinkedList#retainAll".
Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li>
+<li>Added clarifying javadoc wrt runtime complexity of "AbstractLinkedList#removeAll".
Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li> 
+<li>Fixed several compilation issues with older Java 1.6 compilers.</li>
+<li>Improved performance of "removeAll()" method for sets returned by "DualHashBidiMap#entrySet()".
Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li> 
+<li>Improved performance of "CollectionUtils#subtract" methods. Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li>
+<li>Fixed possible "IndexOutOfBoundsException" in "ListOrderedMap#putAll". Thanks to
Adrian Nistor.</li> 
+<li>Improved performance of "SetUniqueList#addAll" method. Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li>
+<li>Improved performance of "ListOrderedSet#addAll" method. Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li>

+<li>Improved performance of "SetUniqueList#removeAll". Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li>
+<li>Improved performance of "ListOrderedSet#remove(Object)" in case the object is not
contained in the Set. Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li> 
+<li>Improved performance of "ListUtils#subtract" method. Thanks to Adrian Nistor.</li>
+<li>Added missing null check in "CollectionUtils#addIgnoreNull(Collection, Object)".
Thanks to Shin Hwei Tan.</li> 
+<li>Fixed javadoc for "MapUtils#toProperties(Map)". Thanks to Shin Hwei Tan.</li>
+<li>Clarified javadoc for "TransformerUtils#mapTransformer" for null input. Thanks
to Shin Hwei Tan.</li>
+<li>Clarified javadoc for "FactoryUtils#prototypeFactory" for null input. Thanks to
Shin Hwei Tan.</li> 
+<li>Fixed inconsistent javadoc for "MapUtils#synchronizedMap(Map)". Thanks to Shin
Hwei Tan.</li>
+<li>Fixed infinite loop when calling "UnmodifiableBoundedCollection#unmodifiableBoundedCollection()".
Thanks to Dave Brosius.</li> 
+<li>Fixed javadoc for several methods wrt expected NullPointerExceptions. Thanks to
Shin Hwei Tan.</li> 
+<li>"DualTreeBidiMap" now uses the correct comparator for the reverse map during de-serialization.</li>

+<li>"TransformedMap" in the package "splitmap" can now be serialized.</li>
+<li>"FilterListIterator#hasNext" does not throw a NullPointerException anymore to comply
to the Java iterator specification. Thanks to Sai Zhang.</li>
+<li>"ListUtils#intersection(List, List)" will now also work correctly if there are
duplicate elements in the provided lists. Thanks to Mark Shead.</li>
+<li>"AbstractCollectionDecorator" will now use internally "decorated()" to access the
decorated collection. Thanks to Adam Gent.</li> 
+<li>Removed debug output in "MapUtils#getNumber(Map)". Thanks to Michael Akerman.</li>

+<li>Fixed javadoc for all "transformedXXX(XXX)" methods in the respective Utils classes
to clarify that existing objects in the list are not transformed. Thanks to Paul Benedict.</li>
+<li>Singleton classes in package "functors" are now correctly de-serialized. Thanks
to Goran Hacek.</li>
+<li>Removed broken methods "equals(Object)" and "hashCode()" in class "NOPClosure".
Thanks to Goran Hacek.</li> 
+<li>Simplified exceptions as the cause is available from the parent. Thanks to sebb.</li>

+<li>Fixed cache assignment for "TreeBidiMap#entrySet". Thanks to sebb.</li>
+<li>Synchronized access to lock in "StaticBucketMap#size()". Thanks to sebb.</li>

+<li>Added clarification to javadoc of "ListOrderedMap" that "IdentityMap" and "CaseInsensitiveMap"
are not supported. Thanks to Tom Parker.</li> 
+<li>Improve javadoc of "CollatingIterator" wrt the used "Comparator" and throw a NullPointerException
in "CollatingIterator#least" if no comparator is set. Thanks to Michael Krkoska.</li>
+<li>"LRUMap#keySet()#remove(Object)" will not throw a "ConcurrentModificationException"
anymore. Thanks to Joerg Schaible.</li> 
+<li>Improved performance of "ListUtils#intersection(List, List)". Thanks to Thomas
Rogan, Jilles van Gurp.</li> 
+<li>Changed behavior of "CaseInsensitiveMap" constructor to be compliant with "HashMap"
in case the initial capacity is set to zero. Thanks to Maarten Brak.</li>
+<li>Improved performance of "StaticBucketMap#putAll(Map)" by iterating over the entry
set. Thanks to sebb.</li> 
+<li>Avoid redundant null check in "IteratorUtils#getIterator(Object)". Thanks to sebb.</li>
+<li>Use a private method to populate the object in "AbstractHashedMap(Map)". Thanks
to sebb.</li>
+<li>Fixed javadoc of "LRUMap" wrt to the maxSize parameter of the constructor. Thanks
to ori.</li> 
+<li>Use of final keyword where applicable, minor performance improvements by properly
initializing the capacity of newly created collections when known in advance. Thanks to Peter
Lawrey, Gary Gregory.</li>
+<li>"SetUniqueList#subList()#contains(Object)" will now correctly check the subList
rather than the parent list. Thanks to Christian Semrau.</li>
+<li>"SetUniqueList#set(int, Object)" will now correctly enforce the uniqueness constraint.
Thanks to Rafał Figas,Bjorn Townsend.</li> 
+<li>Improved javadoc for "Unmodifiable*" classes wrt behavior when the users tries
to modify the collection. Thanks to Emmanuel Bourg.</li> 
+<li>"CaseInsensitiveMap" will now convert input strings to lower-case in a locale-independant
manner. Thanks to Benjamin Bentmann.</li>
+<li>Fixed javadoc for "ListUtils#transformedList(List)" to clarify that existing objects
in the list are not transformed. Thanks to Paul Benedict.</li>
+<li>"MultiKey" will now be correctly serialized/de-serialized. Thanks to Joerg Schaible.</li>
+<li>Fixed javadoc for methods "firstKey()" and "lastKey()" in class "AbstractLinkedMap".
Thanks to Lisen Mu.</li> 
+<li>"Flat3Map#remove(Object)" will now return the correct value mapped to the removed
key if the size of the map is less or equal 3. Thanks to ori.</li>
+<li>Removed unused variables in "TreeBidiMap". Thanks to Henri Yandell.</li>
+<li>"SetUniqueList.addAll(int, Collection)" now correctly add the collection at the
provided index. Thanks to Joe Kelly.</li>
+<li>Fixed several unit tests which were using parameters to "assertEquals(...)" in
wrong order. Thanks to Mark Hindess.</li> 
+<li>"MultiValueMap#put(Object, Object)" and "MultiValueMap#putAll(Object, Collection)"
now correctly return if the map has changed by this operation.</li>
+<li>"CollectionUtils#removeAll" wrongly called "ListUtils#retainAll". Thanks to Tom
+<li>Calling "setValue(Object)" on any Entry returned by a "Flat3Map" will now correctly
set the value for the current entry. Thanks to Matt Bishop.</li>
+<li>"MultiKey#toString()" will now use "Arrays#toString(List)". Thanks to Hendrik Maryns.</li>
+For complete information on all changes for this release, please refer to the <a href="changes-report.html">Changelog</a>.

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