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Subject svn commit: r1445166 - in /commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site: site.xml xdoc/index.xml xdoc/introduction.xml xdoc/properties.xml xdoc/release_1_3.xml
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 13:32:55 GMT
Author: tn
Date: Tue Feb 12 13:32:55 2013
New Revision: 1445166

Update site content.


Modified: commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/site.xml
--- commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/site.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/site.xml Tue Feb 12 13:32:55 2013
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
             <item name="Getting started"      href="/introduction.html"/>
             <item name="Usage scenarios"      href="/usage.html"/>
             <item name="Option properties"    href="/properties.html"/>
-            <item name="Javadoc (1.2)"        href="api-release/index.html"/>
+            <item name="Javadoc (1.3)"        href="api-release/index.html"/>

Modified: commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/index.xml
--- commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/index.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/index.xml Tue Feb 12 13:32:55 2013
@@ -78,8 +78,8 @@ usage: ls
         The Javadoc API documents are available online:
-        <li><a href="apidocs/index.html">CLI 1.3-SNAPSHOT (latest SVN)</a></li>
-        <li><a href="javadocs/api-release/index.html">CLI 1.2 (current release)</a></li>
+        <li><a href="javadocs/api-release/index.html">CLI 1.3 (current release)</a></li>
+        <li><a href="javadocs/api-1.2/index.html">CLI 1.2</a></li>
         <li><a href="javadocs/api-1.1/index.html">CLI 1.1</a></li>
         <li><a href="javadocs/api-1.0/index.html">CLI 1.0</a></li>
@@ -91,10 +91,10 @@ usage: ls
     <section name="Releases">
-        The latest version is v1.2. -
+        The latest version is v1.3. -
         <a href="">Download now!</a>
-        The <a href="release_1_2.html">release notes</a> are also available.
+        The <a href="release_1_3.html">release notes</a> are also available.
         For previous releases, see the <a href="">Apache

Modified: commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/introduction.xml
--- commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/introduction.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/introduction.xml Tue Feb 12 13:32:55 2013
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
     <section name="Interrogation Stage">
-        The interrogation stage is where the application querys the
+        The interrogation stage is where the application queries the
         <code>CommandLine</code> to decide what execution branch to
         take depending on boolean options and uses the option values
         to provide the application data.

Modified: commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/properties.xml
--- commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/properties.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/properties.xml Tue Feb 12 13:32:55 2013
@@ -61,12 +61,6 @@
             the command line.</td>
-          <td>multipleArgs</td>
-          <td>boolean</td>
-          <td>a flag to say whether the option takes multiple argument 
-            values</td>
-        </tr>
-        <tr>
           <td>a flag to say whether the option takes an argument</td>

Added: commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/release_1_3.xml
--- commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/release_1_3.xml (added)
+++ commons/proper/cli/trunk/src/site/xdoc/release_1_3.xml Tue Feb 12 13:32:55 2013
@@ -0,0 +1,119 @@
+<?xml version="1.0"?>
+Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
+contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
+this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
+The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
+(the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
+the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
+Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
+distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
+See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
+limitations under the License.
+ <properties>
+  <title>Release notes for CLI 1.3</title>
+  <author email="">Commons Documentation Team</author>
+ </properties>
+<section name="Release notes">
+  <p>These are the release notes for Commons CLI 1.3.</p>
+This document contains the release notes for this version of the Commons CLI
+package. Commons CLI provides a simple API for working with the command line
+arguments and options.
+Commons CLI 1.3 is a bugfix release and binary compatible with the previous versions,
+except for the OptionValidator class that is no longer public (change introduced in v1.2).
+More information can be found on the project site at
+  * Added new fluent API to create Option instances via builder class Option.Builder.
+    This replaces the now deprecated OptionBuilder. Thanks to Duncan Jones, Brian Blount.
+  * Added new method Options.addOption(String, String). Thanks to Alexandru Mocanu. (CLI-214)
+  * A new parser is available: DefaultParser. It combines the features of the GnuParser and
the PosixParser.
+    It also provides additional features like partial matching for the long options, and
long options without
+    separator (i.e like the JVM memory settings: -Xmx512m). This new parser deprecates the
previous ones.
+    (CLI-161, CLI-167, CLI-181)
+  * PosixParser now supports partial long options (--ver instead of --version). (CLI-160)

+  * HelpFormatter now supports setting the displayed separator of long options. Thanks to
J. Lewis Muir. (CLI-169) 
+  * Default options will now work correctly with required options that are missing. (CLI-202)
+  * Default options will now work correctly together with option groups. (CLI-203) 
+  * HelpFormatter.setArgName(String) now correctly sets the argument name. (CLI-205)
+  * Passing default values for not defined options to a parser will now trigger
+    a ParseException instead of a NullPointerException. (CLI-204)
+  * Default properties provided as input to the Parser.parse() methods are now
+    correctly processed. (CLI-201)
+  * CommandLine.getParsedOptionValue() now returns a String object if no
+    option type has been explicitly set. Thanks to Manuel Müller. (CLI-215) 
+  * HelpFormatter now prints command-line options in the same order as they
+    have been added. Thanks to Per Cederberg. (CLI-212)
+  * Standard help text now shows mandatory arguments also for the first option. Thanks to
Kristoff Kiefer. (CLI-186)
+  * HelpFormatter does not strip anymore leading whitespace in the footer text. Thanks to
Uri Moszkowicz. (CLI-207)
+  * Strip quotes contained in argument values only if there is exactly one at the
+    beginning and one at the end. Thanks to Einar M R Rosenvinge. (CLI-185)
+  * Negative numerical arguments take precedence over numerical options. (CLI-184) 
+  * Fix possible StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in HelpFormatter. Thanks to Travis McLeskey.
+  * OptionGroups no longer throw an AlreadySelectedException when reused for several parsings.
+  * OptionGroup now selects properly an option with no short name. (CLI-182)
+  * Options.getRequiredOptions() now returns an unmodifiable list. (CLI-230) 
+  * Clarify javadoc for CommandLine.getOptionValue() that the first specified
+    argument will be returned. Thanks to Sven. (CLI-218) 
+  * Changed unit tests to junit 4 annotation style. Thanks to Duncan Jones. (CLI-227) 
+  * The javadoc of OptionBuilder now states that the class is not thread-safe. Thanks to
Thomas Herre. (CLI-209) 
+  * Fixed typo in javadoc of class CommandLine. Thanks to Gerard Weatherby. (CLI-200) 
+  * Source code now uses generic types instead of raw types where possible. Thanks to Gerard
Weatherby. (CLI-223) 
+  * Corrected javadoc for return type of MissingOptionException.getMissingOptions(). Thanks
to Joe Casadonte. (CLI-220)
+  * Improve description of parameter "stopAtNonOption" in method
+    CommandLine.parse(Options, String[], boolean). Thanks to Anders Larsson. (CLI-197) 

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