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Subject svn commit: r1442846 - /commons/proper/daemon/branches/1.0.x/src/site/xdoc/binaries.xml
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2013 05:34:22 GMT
Author: mturk
Date: Wed Feb  6 05:34:21 2013
New Revision: 1442846

Fix DAEMON-275


Modified: commons/proper/daemon/branches/1.0.x/src/site/xdoc/binaries.xml
--- commons/proper/daemon/branches/1.0.x/src/site/xdoc/binaries.xml (original)
+++ commons/proper/daemon/branches/1.0.x/src/site/xdoc/binaries.xml Wed Feb  6 05:34:21 2013
@@ -29,32 +29,11 @@
 In the directory
 <a href="">binaries</a>
 you will find subdirectories containing archives
-corresponding to your operating system. If your machine is not in the list,
-please mail us and we will try to make it available, or you can try to build it on your own.
-The non-Windows files are compressed tar files. They are named <code>commons-daemon-m.n.p-bin-os-hw.tar.gz</code>.
-For example: In the directory <code>linux</code> we have <code>commons-daemon-1.0.13-bin-linux-i686.tar.gz</code>
-That is a file suitable for a Linux system running on Intel hardware.
-Windows builds are provided as a zip file.
+corresponding to your operating system. Only the Windows builds are provided as a zip file.
 <section name="How do I get the executable?">
-<subsection name="jsvc">
-Do the following:
-  <li>Find the tar.gz file corresponding to your configuration.</li>
-  <li>Download it.</li>
-  <li>Uncompress the tar file and extract the contents (better with gnu tar).
-  There should be an executable file called <code>jsvc</code> and some text files</li>
-  <li>Copy the executable to the location where you want to run it.</li>
-  <li>Write a suitable shell script
-     (see in <code>src/samples</code> and <code>src/native/unix/native/</code>)
-     to get your Java application started as a daemon.
-  </li>
 <subsection name="procrun">
 The Windows archive (e.g. contains 2 different executables:

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