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Subject svn commit: r1430927 - /commons/proper/math/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 16:09:08 GMT
Author: erans
Date: Wed Jan  9 16:09:07 2013
New Revision: 1430927

Preparing release 3.1.1.


Modified: commons/proper/math/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- commons/proper/math/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
+++ commons/proper/math/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Wed Jan  9 16:09:07 2013
@@ -1,205 +1,22 @@
-              Apache Commons Math 3.1 RELEASE NOTES
+              Apache Commons Math 3.1.1 RELEASE NOTES
-The Commons Math team is pleased to announce the release of commons-math3-3.1
+The Commons Math team is pleased to announce the release of commons-math3-3.1.1
 The Math project is a library of lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components
addressing the most common practical problems not immediately available in the Java programming
language or commons-lang.
-This is a minor release: It combines bug fixes and new features.
- Changes to existing features were made in a backwards-compatible
- way such as to allow drop-in replacement of the v3.0 JAR file.
-Most notable among the new features are: Framework for automatic
- differentiation, multivariate mixture model distribution, quaternions,
- Gauss integration framework, Hermite polynomial interpolation,
- eigenvalue decomposition of non-symmetric matrices, DBSCAN clustering.
- Most notable among the changes are: Greatly improved precision in
- the implementation of the Gamma and Beta special functions, optimizers
- API, deprecation of the sparse vector implementation.
-The minimal version of the Java platform required to compile and use
- Commons Math is Java 5.
- Users are encouraged to upgrade to this version as this release not
- only includes bug fixes but also deprecates numerous classes and
- methods that will be deleted from the next major release (4.0).
- 1. The implementation of the BOBYQA optimization algorithm is in alpha
- state (cf. MATH-621): Many code paths are untested, and we are looking
- for volunteers to improve the code readability, robustness and performance
- and to extend the unit tests suite.
- 2. A few methods in the FastMath class are in fact slower that their
- counterpart in either Math or StrictMath (cf. MATH-740 and MATH-901).
+This is a point release: It fixes a bug that renders version 3.1 unusable
+ in some situations (see details below).
 Changes in this version include:
-New features:
-o MATH-874:  All contents of package "o.a.c.m.optimization" refactored into
-        new packages "o.a.c.m.optimization" and "o.a.c.m.fitting". 
-o MATH-897:  DBSCAN clustering algorithm (in package "o.a.c.m.stat.clustering"). Thanks to
Reid Hochstedler. 
-o MATH-910:  Added element-by-element addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
-        (in class "o.a.c.m.util.MathArrays"). 
-o MATH-902:  New constructor in the custom checker classes (package
-        "o.a.c.m.optimization") for passing the number of iterations
-        after which the "convergence test" will return true.
-        This allows an algorithm to return the best solution found (after
-        the user-defined number of iterations) even if it does not meet the
-        other convergence criteria. 
-o MATH-899:  Added a new "SynchronizedRandomGenerator" that wraps another
-        "RandomGenerator" with all methods being synchronized, thus
-        rendering the code thread-safe (at some efficiency cost). 
-o MATH-893:  Add new "NaNStrategy": FAILED, used in "RankingAlgorithm" implementations.
-        Any encountered input value that succeeds a "Double#isNaN" check, results in a
-        "NotANumberException". Thanks to Patrick Meyer. 
-o MATH-892:  Add new constructor to "SpearmansCorrelation" class which allows to specify
-        "RankingAlgorithm" to be used. 
-o MATH-889:  Added a method to check points in the Interval class, with a tolerance for boundary.

-o MATH-878:  Added G-test statistics. Thanks to Radoslav Tsvetkov. 
-o MATH-883:  New "getSquareRoot" method in class "EigenDecomposition" (package
-        "o.a.c.m.linear"). 
-o MATH-816:  New class for generic multivariate mixture model distributions. Thanks to Jared
-o MATH-474:  Added new methods "merge(Frequency)", "merge(Collection<Frequency>)",
-        "incrementValue(Comparable<?>, long)" and "entrySetIterator()" to the "Frequency"
class. Thanks to Dan Checkoway. 
-o MATH-860:  Added matrix "block inversion" (in "o.a.c.m.linear.MatrixUtils"). 
-o MATH-863:  New "Quaternion" class (package "o.a.c.m.complex"). Thanks to Julien Anxionnat.

-o MATH-866:  Added method to test for floating-point numbers equality with a
-        relative tolerance (class "o.a.c.m.util.Precision"). Thanks to Yannick Tanguy. 
-o           Added a NewtonRaphsonSolver that uses the new differentiation package
-        to define the function to solve. This class is intended to replace the
-        former NewtonSolver which is deprecated. 
-o MATH-815:  New interface for multivariate distributions.
-        Added multivariate normal distribution. Thanks to Jared Becksfort. 
-o           Added a utility method to compute Stirling numbers of the second kind. 
-o           Added a new package dealing with differentials, for one or more free
-        parameters and derivation order 1 or higher. 
-o MATH-777:  Added additional crossover policies: "CycleCrossover", "NPointCrossover",
-        "OrderedCrossover" and "UniformCrossover". Thanks to Reid Hochstedler. 
-o MATH-831:  Added a new "RealMatrixFormat" class for input/output of RealMatrix instances.
-        Default formatter instances for commons-math and octave have been added to
-        "MatrixUtils". 
-o MATH-827:  New "IterativeLegendreGaussIntegrator" that performs the same automatic
-        subdivision of the integration interval as "LegendreGaussIntegrator",
-        but uses the classes from package "o.a.c.m.analysis.integration.gauss"
-        to perform the Gauss integration on the sub-interval.
-        Deprecated "LegendreGaussIntegrator". 
-o MATH-797:  New framework for Gauss integration schemes (in package
-        "o.a.c.m.analysis.integration.gauss").
-        Gauss-Legendre quadrature rules (of unlimited order) implemented in
-        double precision, and high precision (using "BigDecimal"). 
-o MATH-764,MATH-823:  For all distribution classes (in package "o.a.c.m.distribution"), a
-        constructor takes a "RandomGenerator" parameter.
-        The "RandomDataImpl" instance has been superseded by this RNG.
-        All "sample()" methods have been modified to use this RNG instead of
-        delegating to the methods in "RandomData". 
-o MATH-235:  Added support for real asymmetric matrices to "EigenDecomposition". 
-o MATH-768:  Re-instated methods to find all complex roots of a polynomial (class
-        "LaguerreSolver" in package "o.a.c.m.analysis.solvers"). 
-o MATH-810:  Added accessors to the "Pair" class (package "o.a.c.m.util"). 
-o MATH-822:  Added new constructors in "EigenDecomposition" and deprecated two constructors
-        with unused parameters. Thanks to Jared Becksfort. 
-o MATH-807:  Added a new constructor to o.a.c.m.utils.IterationManager, allowing
-        for the specification of a callback function in case the maximum
-        number of iteration is reached. 
-o           A new HermiteInterpolator class allows interpolation of vector-valued
-        functions using both values and derivatives of the function at sample
-        points. 
-o MATH-773:  Added class FixedElapsedTime (new StoppingCondition for evolution of generations)
to genetics package. Thanks to Reid Hochstedler. 
-o MATH-756:  Added classes Decimal64 and Decimal64Field, which are wrapper classes around
primitive doubles.
-        These classes implement FieldElement and Field, respectively. 
 Fixed Bugs:
-o MATH-904:  Fixed "pow" method in class "FastMath". Thanks to Jeff Hain. 
-o MATH-905:  Fixed overflow in "sinh" and "cosh" methods in class "FastMath". Thanks to Jeff
-o MATH-890:  Fixed naming inconsistencies between Interval and IntervalsSet classes. 
-o MATH-759:  Use getter/setter methods of super class for access to field "windowSize" in
-        "ListUnivariateImpl". Thanks to sebb. 
-o MATH-880:  Improved construction of polygons with an additional constructor, more robust
-o MATH-778:  Allow unlimited input values for "Dfp#multiply(int)". Thanks to Sébastien
-o MATH-641:  Added distance to point to 2D Line and Segment. Thanks to Curtis Jensen. 
-o MATH-783:  "PowellOptimizer" (package "") uses
-        "BrentOptimizer" as its internal line search optimizer. The fix
-        forces the convergence criterion of "BrentOptimizer" to use
-        function values (instead of domain values). 
-o MATH-865,MATH-867,MATH-868:  Numerical accuracy problems arose in "CMAESOptimizer" (in
-        "") when large finite boundaries were
-        specified, because the interval of allowed values was mapped to
-        [0, 1]. This mapping was not necessary and its removal allows
-        finite and infinite boundaries to be used together. Thanks to Nikolaus Hansen, Frank
-o           Fixed some issues in nth root derivatives at 0. 
-o MATH-848:  Fixed transformation to a Schur matrix for certain input matrices. 
-o MATH-864:  "CMAESOptimizer": Solution was not constrained to lie within the
-        provided boundaries. Thanks to Frank Hess. 
-o MATH-666:  Deprecated "FieldVector#getData()" in favor of "toArray()". 
-o MATH-789:  Fixed an error in rectangular Cholesky decomposition. 
-o MATH-855:  Added a check so that the returned point will always be the best one. 
-o MATH-844:  Generate an exception for rare ill-conditioned cases in "HarmonicFitter"
-        guessing procedure (package "o.a.c.m.optimization.fitting"). 
-o MATH-828:  Improved numerical stability of "SimplexSolver" by introducing Bland's rule
-        to prevent cycling and a cutoff threshold to zero out very small values. 
-o MATH-836:  Fixed overflow detection for negative values in constructor of class "Fraction".
Thanks to Baste Nesse Buanes. 
-o MATH-835:  Fixed overflow in method "percentageValue" in class "Fraction". Thanks to Baste
Nesse Buanes. 
-o MATH-622:  Raised (to 10) the default number of fractional digits to print out. 
-o MATH-762:  Removed duplicate code. 
-o MATH-578:  Improve performance of quantile evaluation in "Percentile" class for cases
-        with lots of equal values. 
-o MATH-798:  Added overridden method in "PolynomialFitter" (package
-        "o.a.c.m.optimization.fitting") to limit the number of evaluations. 
-o MATH-804:  Parameterized "CurveFitter" class (package "o.a.c.m.optimization.fitting")
-        with the type of the fitting function. Updated subclasses "PolynomialFitter",
-        "HarmonicFitter", "GaussianFitter". 
-o MATH-801:  Fixed a problem when building rotations from two pairs of vectors. In very rare
-        due to numerical inaccuracies the computed quaternion was not normalized (some examples
-        went as high as 1.0e8) and even after normalization, the quaternion was plain wrong.

-o MATH-644:  Fix computation of upperCumulativeProbability in "HypergeometricDistribution"
-        cleanup of duplicate probability mass function. Thanks to marzieh. 
-o MATH-791:  In GammaDistribution, deprecated getAlpha() and getBeta(). Replaced with
-        getShape() and getScale(), respectively. 
-o MATH-793:  Use inline computation for OrderedTuple hash code. Thanks to Sebb. 
-o MATH-718:  Use modified Lentz-Thompson algorithm for continued fraction evaluation to avoid
-        underflows. 
-o MATH-780:  Fixed a wrong assumption on BSP tree attributes when boundary collapses to a
-        small polygon at a non-leaf node. 
-o MATH-787:  Put serialization back for PointValuePair and PointVectorValuePair. 
-o MATH-627:  Avoid superfluous null check when using iterators in RealVector and ArrayRealVector.
Thanks to Arne Plöse. 
-o MATH-781:  Use epsilon instead of ulp in floating-point comparison when dropping columns
-        phase 1 in SimplexSolver. Thanks to Scheiber Ernő. 
-o MATH-721:  Added a workaround for an OpenJDK issue on sparc solaris with too small constants.

-o MATH-779:  Fixed ListPopulation#iterator to return an unmodifiable iterator. Thanks to
Reid Hochstedler. 
-o MATH-775:  Cleanup of ListPopulation to consistently enforce the population limit. Thanks
to Reid Hochstedler. 
-o MATH-776:  Use same range check in constructor for ElitisticListPopulation as in corresponding
setter. Thanks to Reid Hochstedler. 
-o MATH-767:  Fixed unbalanced use of code tags in javadoc of several classes. Thanks to Dennis
-o MATH-672:  Added methods to EmpiricalDistribution to implement the RealDistribution
-        interface. 
-o MATH-902:  Created a "maximum number of iterations" stopping criterion in the
-        convergence checkers (package "o.a.c.m.optimization") that allows the
-        optimizers to return the "current best point" even if the convergence
-        criteria are not met. Thanks to Bruce A. Johnson. 
-o MATH-849:  Accuracy improvements of Gamma.logGamma, and implementation of
-        Gamma.gamma. Both new implementations are based on the NSWC
-        Library of Mathematical Functions. 
-o MATH-906:  Use "NaNStrategy#FAILED" as default strategy in "NaturalRanking". Thanks to
Patrick Meyer. 
-o MATH-884:  Added "isSymmetric" and "checkSymmetric" in "MatrixUtils" (package
-        "o.a.c.m.linear"). 
-o MATH-885:  Moved private array argument validation methods from ChiSquareTest to MathArrays.

-o MATH-859:  Clarified definition of isSupportXxxBoundInclusive in RealDistribution
-        interface, made code consistent with the definition, and deprecated
-        these methods, marking for removal in 4.0. 
-o MATH-841:  Performance improvement in computation of the greatest common divisor
-        (in class "o.a.c.m.util.ArithmeticUtils"). Thanks to Sebastien Riou. 
-o MATH-850:  Added RandomDataGenerator to replace RandomDataImpl and deprecated
-        RandomData interface and RandomDataImpl class. Deprecated
-        nextInversionDeviate methods from RandomDataImpl class. Ensured that
-        all nextXxx methods in RandomDataImpl/RandomDataGenerator use the
-        configured RandomGenerator. 
-o MATH-796:  Removed unused fields LocalizedFormats.ALPHA and LocalizedFormats.BETA. This
-        an acceptable compatibility break, as these fields are only meant for internal use.

+o MATH-924:  Added a (minimal) "DiagonalMatrix" implementation, such that the
+        case of a large number of uncorrelated observations is handled
+        efficiently. 
 For complete information on Commons Math, including instructions on how to submit bug reports,
 patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Commons Math website:

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