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Subject svn commit: r1366680 - /commons/sandbox/graph/trunk/src/changes/changes.xml
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2012 14:17:36 GMT
Author: simonetripodi
Date: Sat Jul 28 14:17:36 2012
New Revision: 1366680

//action/@issue attribute first in each action to make easier keeping the actions sorted desc


Modified: commons/sandbox/graph/trunk/src/changes/changes.xml
--- commons/sandbox/graph/trunk/src/changes/changes.xml (original)
+++ commons/sandbox/graph/trunk/src/changes/changes.xml Sat Jul 28 14:17:36 2012
@@ -23,133 +23,133 @@
   <release version="0.1" date="201?-??-??" description="First release.">
-    <action dev="marcosperanza" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-425">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-425" dev="marcosperanza" type="fix">
       FibonacciHeap enters in an infinite loop when applying SpannigTree algorithms
-    <action dev="marcosperanza" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-386">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-386" dev="marcosperanza" type="fix">
       Make Graph components Serializable
-    <action dev="marcosperanza" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-352">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-352" dev="marcosperanza" type="fix">
       Provide Cheriyan-Mehlhorn/Gabow's strongly connected component algorithm implementation
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-400">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-400" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix">
       Switch the Base graph implementation underlying data structures to the thread safe
-    <action dev="marcosperanza" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-354">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-354" dev="marcosperanza" type="fix">
       Provide a Tarjan's algorithm implementation
-    <action dev="marcosperanza" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-392">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-392" dev="marcosperanza" type="fix">
       Add test for Kosaraju Sharir Algorithm
-    <action dev="tn" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-353">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-353" dev="tn" type="fix">
       Provide a Kosaraju-Sharir's algorithm implementation
-    <action dev="cs" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-395">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-395" dev="cs" type="fix">
       Correct names for classes and variables related to operations on weights
-    <action dev="marcosperanza" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-394">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-394" dev="marcosperanza" type="fix">
       Add containsEdge and containsVertex into Graph interface
-    <action dev="marcosperanza" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-393">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-393" dev="marcosperanza" type="fix">
       Add test for Spanning tree
-    <action dev="marcosperanza" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-391">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-391" dev="marcosperanza" type="fix">
       removeEdge method: missing implementation
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-388" due-to="Steven Dolg,
Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-388" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Steven Dolg,
Claudio Squarcella">
       Generic Type inference doesn't work in Eclipse
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-385" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-385" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
       Provide Edmonds-Karp algorithm
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-384">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-384" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix">
       Make Graph components Serializable
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-384" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-384" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Add test for Flow Algorithms
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-383" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-383" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Add test for Connectivity
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-382" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-382" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Add new test for coloring
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-381" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-381" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Unused class GraphColoringBacktraking
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-380" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-380" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Add cobertura report and increase test coverage
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-375" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-375" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Add Connected Components algorithms
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-374" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-374" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Kruskal's algorithm doesn't accept sparse graph
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-372">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-372" dev="simonetripodi" type="update">
       Make the org.apache.commons.graph.visit.GraphVisitHandler able to return objects
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="add" issue="SANDBOX-370" due-to="Matteo Moci">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-370" dev="simonetripodi" type="add" due-to="Matteo Moci">
       GraphML format exporter
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-368" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-368" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       change Dijkstra MST api for accept also Undirect Graph
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-367" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-367" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
       Move base implementations from test to main
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-366">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-366" dev="simonetripodi" type="update">
       Move Graph algorithms APIs to fluent APIs
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-364" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-364" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
       Adding generic weight type to model
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-361">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-361" dev="simonetripodi" type="update">
       Add fluent APIs to build mutable Graphes
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-355" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-355" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
       Provide Flow algorithms
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-358" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-358" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
       Early return/termination for graph visit.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-356" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-356" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
       Generic weight types and algorithms implementations based on wighted graphes.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-350" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-350" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Provide a Reverse-delete algorithm implementation
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-348" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-348" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Implement the Boruvka's algorithm
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-346" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-346" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
       DotExporter only exports weights that extend Number.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-345" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-345" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
       Weighted as an interface with generic weight type.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-344" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-344" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Claudio Squarcella">
       No WeightedGraph in current method signatures.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-338" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-338" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Generic iterable set of color.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-337" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-337" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Wrong value for Vertex degree.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" issue="SANDBOX-336" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-336" dev="simonetripodi" type="fix" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Duplicate Edge.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-335" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-335" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Graph Coloring: Backtracking algorithm.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-334" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-334" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Bad coloring for crawn graph.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-333" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-333" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       Graph coloring implementation.
-    <action dev="simonetripodi" type="update" issue="SANDBOX-332" due-to="Marco Speranza">
+    <action issue="SANDBOX-332" dev="simonetripodi" type="update" due-to="Marco Speranza">
       add FloydWarshall algorithm implementation.

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